Health – Covid-19: “I told myself that the vaccine would be good for others, but not for me … and then I made a decision.”

Kenji Girak is more convincing than Professor Alain Fisher, the government’s Mr. Vaccine. Anyway, Vincent, 28 years old, resident of Cournon (Puy-de-Dom): “I really didn’t want to, I wanted to wait a good year before vaccination, because I’m afraid of side effects. But I took the plunge, they gave me the first dose, because I especially don’t want to miss Kenji Girak’s concert in mid-June in Paris. “

The upcoming holidays, festivals and the entry into force of the Health Passes for gatherings of more than 1,000 people could be a vaccine trigger for young people who, if healthy, have little exposure to severe Covid 19.

The most motivated young people were waiting for the call

The opening of vaccinations to all French people over 18 on May 31 did not cause crowding in the centers. The most motivated young people managed to “outstrip the challenge” by occupying niches freed up as a result of refusal of funds. Simon, 26-year-old Claremontua, did not procrastinate and was vaccinated before the “official opening”, “to protect himself and feel comfortable in society.”

There has been a slowdown in vaccinations in Clermont-Ferrand since last week, with companies struggling to find who did them.

There has been a slowdown in vaccinations in Clermont-Ferrand since last week, with companies struggling to find who did them. Photography by Francis Campagnoni

In Allier, one of the departments in France, where vaccination rates exceed 40%, “shortness of breath” is expected. “This observation is common in areas like Corsica, where vaccination plays a leading role,” admits Michel Peretti, a Science-Po Paris student and volunteer for Covidliste. This platform is designed to make meetings smoother.

Due to its ease of use, Covidliste has a strong impact on the mobilization of the younger generation. This decline is not yet felt in Orleans: “Last week we went from 3,000 to 4,000 doses, and this week we will increase the dose to 6,000.” – says Jean Weissenbacher, responsible for the Fernand-Pelliser’s office in Orleans-La-Source, one of the earliest vaccination centers in the Loire.

The Regional Health Agency of the Center-Val-de-Loire region is supporting this rise in power by supplying more and more bottles. “Overall, we are at 100% fill rate. In the Loire, all the cracks are filled. Cancellations are possible, but the appointment is automatically resumed by another patient through Doctolib. “ notes the center manager.

Olivier Ravoir, a close associate of the Mayor of Orleans, is also generating positive momentum in this city: “ Young people want to get vaccinated. Sometimes they cancel, but there are still so many requests that meetings are always resumed. ”

At Orleans-La Source, we expect high activity to continue in the summer: “the second doses injected will maintain the flow throughout the summer.”

“The only way to get back to normal”

For Lucille, a young Pudomoise who works in the field of medicine, vaccination was not easy: “At first I was not happy, thinking, I told myself that this would be the only way to get back to normal and protect others.”

The young woman received a dose of AstraZeneca, followed by a second dose of Pfizer, and does not say that she felt nothing other than “frankly, there was nothing insurmountable.”

Claude, who is in his forties and lives in the Aigurand (Corrèze) area, shared on La Montagne’s Facebook page about the evolution of his thinking: “At first I hesitated, since then I asked myself many questions and told myself that if we could save lives thanks to our good old researchers’ vaccines against plague, cholera, tetanus … we should be able to trust the newcomers.”

I also tell myself that if my cousin Bernard had been vaccinated, he could still be with us.

Claude Eigurand (Correz))

Our call for immunization feedback received around 900 comments. The topic is fascinating.

The comments of the vaccine receptors overlap to a large extent with those of the vaccines, which does not necessarily reflect the general consensus.

At the end of May, the barometer Cevipof (Sciences-Po) -Opinionway recorded a significant increase in vaccination approval: 65% of French people are ready to be vaccinated if they have not already done so, 20% against (a declining figure).

This study shows that mistrust is primarily fueled by the speed at which Covid vaccines are being developed, manufactured and sold.

One young woman Audrey ironically put it: “Altruist, I gladly give my doses lower than me.”

Overcoming her reluctance to promote herd immunity is the choice of Aurora, who decries the individualistic poses that make her think. “To all those who do not go on strike, so as not to lose a cent, but rejoice and shamelessly take the work they have received without their participation.”

“I was more afraid of the vaccine than the disease”

“I am in favor of conventional vaccines”says Jimmy, who distrusts the vaccine given in two or three doses with mixtures. We have no real sources to confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine. ”

Christophe, 48, from Haute-Loire, agrees: “ I read quite a lot and the result is that it can be caught in a less violent way, or maybe less contagious. So for me, I don’t see the point in this. After that we vaccinated residents of nursing homes, hospital patients, yes, if it protects them, I totally agree. ”

It is the ‘fear of side effects’ that has been blocking 42-year-old Nelly from Vichy (Allier) so far: I was not against the vaccine for others …. but I did not want that for myself! I was more afraid of the vaccine than the disease. Since I haven’t seen anyone lately, I had no chance of contracting this. But in the end I decided to put my trust in our great scientists. I received my first dose and everything went very well (…) My husband was hospitalized, our 19 and 16 year old daughters were also vaccinated to protect him. ”

The Academy of Medicine asked about compulsory vaccinations.

More than fears of scientific knowledge of the subject, the greatest distrust is the political waging of the pandemic, as François, fifty-year-old Claremontua, who condemns “Health Policy Failure”

the political conduct of the fight against the pandemic causes the most distrust, photo by Pierrick Delobelle

Similar to what we often read on social media, François analyzes the introduction of the health card as an unnamed form of mandatory vaccination, which aims to “Control the entire population.”

“Being bitten to be free is out of the question!” “, also cuts Jimmy. The accusation of “conspiracy” infuriates those who “ask themselves questions,” like François.

“I don’t think the earth is flat”

Alice, a 40-year-old resident of Clermont-Ferrand and a mother of two, easily dispels suspicions: “ I don’t think the Earth is flat and that Mr. Macron is not an alien. I am a reasonable person, I have never voted for an extremist party and have not yet participated in demonstrations. “… Nevertheless, her level of confidence in political power is at the lowest level: “since March 2020, we have been led by a defense council.” Alice also denies that I am an anti-virus: “I am vaccinated against everything, my children have much more than eleven compulsory vaccinations,” she is simply angry at the political choice: “There is a vaccine against tuberculosis, but 1.5 million people die from it every year because we don’t vaccinate the poor. ”

Without getting into the realm of the geopolitics of health and inequality, Astrid, a 43-year-old montluconosis, wants to put the problem in its historical context: “Anti-vaccines do not understand that if they were not there, we would all be dead!” “.

Antivirals: Strange Numbers Circulating About Side Effects Of Covid Vaccines

Astrid will also be looking for scientific information. She recognizes curiosity and passion for new technologies “: “I don’t like conventional vaccines, which are inoculated with an inactive dead virus. Personally, I really like the principle of messenger RNA ”. An original point of view that is sure to return the part to the machine …

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