HEALTH INSURANCE – A new boost for CFE members!

What is the Caisse des Françaises Abroad (CFE) talking about?

La Caisse des Français de 1’Extranger is a private law social security organization with a public service mission. In simpler terms, the CFE allows the French and their families living abroad to have continuity in their social coverage.

Therefore, it assumes the role of social security for expatriates.

Who can join the CFE?

Membership is open to all French living abroad and their families, French or not. Take the example of a French-Chinese couple. It is very possible that they will join the CFE, as will their children.

Therefore, it is a real advantage for all mixed families in the world.

How do refunds work?

Refunds are calculated according to the Social Security scales. For consultations with a specialist for example, it will be 70% of the base rate of 30 euros.

Certain services are reimbursed according to the actual cost of the actual cost of care in the country of residence.

In practice

CFE reimbursement alone may be insufficient. In fact, the cost of healthcare in France is very low compared to Shanghai, in case of hospitalization, members will have to advance costs. So be careful in some countries, the costs can be significant, even if the refund is not 100%.

For example, the reimbursement rate for hospitalization in China is 31% per hospitalization. So for the price, the additional CFE + coverage represents excellent value for money, compared to local private insurance.


Therefore, it is important to note that the CFE does not offer a full refund. To remedy this problem, some insurers have established additional CFEs. These supplements will have the role of mutual and therefore will reimburse the proration between the price of the consultation and the reimbursement of the CFE, allowing you to access a more complete coverage and better reimbursement.

For the price, the additional CFE + coverage represents excellent value for money, compared to local insurance.

What’s new for the CFE?

The CFE has launched a new service to facilitate procedures for clients who have signed a contract in addition to the CFE, providing them with a vital card for their care carried out in France during their stays of less than 6 years. Month .

A significant advantage for all expats who were forced to return to France for a long time during the COVID-19 crisis.

What are the advantages ?

  • Possibility of benefiting from the payment of third parties in certain cases in France.

  • Shorter payment terms.

  • Secure exchanges (through the electronic signature of the healthcare professional).

  • cfe-carte-vitale

    For whom ?

    For CFE member clients who often return to France for long or short periods. For your care and consultation with your healthcare professionals.

    What are the eligibility conditions?

    – A social security number of the main insured.

    – A valid e-mail address.

    – A postal address in France, to receive the vital card.

    How does it work ?

    CFE clients will receive an email explaining the steps to follow to create their Vitale card from their personal CFE space.
    At the same time, certain complementary companies such as MSH International can send a third-party payment card to cover your care in France.

    So remember to apply for your vital card for your stays in France.


    An article by Quentin Silva


    Quentin Silva is 27 years old and hails from the beautiful city of Dijon. He has lived in Shanghai for 3 years and helps expats with their international insurance problems.

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