Health insurance: Asaci exchanges with private clinics

Insurers and private doctors have made an appointment with the State General to answer various questions raised. (DR)

Discussions between the two parties took place on 28 July at the headquarters of the Association of Private Hospitals of Côte d’Ivoire (Acpci) in Cocody.

A delegation of the Association of Insurance Companies of Côte d’Ivoire (Asaci), led by its president, Mamadou Kone, was on 28 July at the headquarters of the Association of Private Hospitals of Côte d’Ivoire (Acpci) in Cocody. discuss a new direction of cooperation between the two parties. According to Mamadou Kone, this is a prelude to the general insurance regulations planned for October, at the end of which a new management team intends to transform the parent organization of insurers into Assasi Solutions. That is why he invited the perpetrators of the accident to work together to improve the processes of each of the parties. Therefore, he pledged to work on strengthening discipline in insurers to enable the medical sector as a whole to act more effectively for the benefit of users. He promised to continue working meetings with Acpci to share the new philosophy that Asaci wants to pass on to its partners.

Dr. Joseph Bogifo, President of Acpci, was pleased with Asaci’s approach and pledged his institution’s active involvement in the work of the States General. According to the latter, this is a good start in the search for solutions that will normalize relations with third-party payments and allow private clinics to operate normally.

Therefore, he called on the new Asaci office to put an end to the actions of insurers that reduce the amounts to be reimbursed to health care providers after the latter pre-financed patient care.

Dr. Joseph Bogifo mentioned the lack of diligence on the part of insurers in reimbursing the costs of medical interventions and the tendency of some insurance companies to refer patients only to private clinics with which they have created a discount system.

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