Health pass: Russian and Chinese vaccines not recognized in Europe

Health pass: Russian and Chinese vaccines not recognized in Europe

Nationals of European countries who use or will use Russian Sputnik V or Chinese Sinovac vaccines will not be able to include their proof of vaccination in the Health Pass to enter France this summer. This was assured by Clément Beaune, Secretary of State in charge of European Affairs, on BFM and RMC on Monday, May 24, explaining that only “vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency” would be recognized by the Health Pass.

Hungary in particular uses the Russian vaccine. To enter France or another country of the European Union (EU), Hungarian nationals vaccinated with Sputnik V will logically have to produce the result of a negative PCR test.

Conversely, the Secretary of State specified that from July 1, date of entry into force of the Health Pass in the 27 EU countries, people vaccinated with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen will be able to circulate on the continent without having to carry out PCR tests. Currently, most European countries require negative results of PCR tests from people wishing to enter their territory, even if they are vaccinated. A situation that will end in July therefore.

Anticipated deployment in France

Clément Beaune also indicated that France would take national decisions in the first week of June in order to facilitate travel to certain countries where “the health situation is certain” even before the introduction of the Health Pass at European level in early July.

A statement that is in line with the comments made on Twitter by Jean-Baptiste Djebbari in early May. The Minister of Transport said he wanted to reopen “a number of international destinations with the health pass “ from mid-June.

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