HEARING | Leaked new sci-fi RPG partly developed by XDEV (PlayStation Studios)

Weekends occasionally bring surprises, such as this leak, which is still about a possible future new license from Sony that will be an RPG set in a sci-fi universe.

A few hours ago, a mysterious video appeared on the Web, lasting only a few seconds. IconEra website. We see a sort of soldier/cosmonaut standing in front of a gigantic creature under the sky, much like a giant eye, which immediately creates a special atmosphere. What’s getting interesting is that this new series will be a sci-fi RPG (a la Mass Effect?) developed in part by XDEV, Sony’s third-party studio. The second team, located in Europe, will participate in the project, but the name has not yet been announced, you can only guess.

This RPG will use Unreal Engine 5, and the clip posted by IconEra will be from an older version, so don’t be quick to judge. Except, according to insider Dusk Golemthe game will now be at a much more advanced stage, including already recorded voices and music specially composed for the title.

Alas, that’s all for now, we hope this strange software will be introduced by Sony this year. Naturally, we suspect that the game will be released at least on PS5, but a PC version is not excluded. In case the video posted above is taken down, here is a small screenshot from the game:

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