Hearst’s first COVID-19 case already resolved

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HEARST – The COVID-19 case that was reported by the Porcupine Health Unit on Saturday is finally resolved. It could be a “false positive,” even if local health authorities refuse to confirm it.

The small municipality in northern Ontario was amazed to learn this weekend that a first case of COVID-19 was reported in its territory.

A staff member of the Foyer des Pionniers, who showed no symptoms, the health unit said, had been diagnosed positive for COVID-19, after being tested on July 29.

The person, under 19, had been placed in isolation, while at the same time the Porcupine Health Unit announced that an investigation was underway to determine the level of the outbreak in the nursing home long term.

If this work continues, still indicate the health authorities in their report on Tuesday, the case reported this Saturday appears, two days later, in the column of “resolved” cases.

False positive ?

Without wanting to give more details on this specific case, the Porcupine Health Unit seems to suggest, in a written statement sent to ONFR +, that it could be a “false positive”.

“According to Public Health Ontario, false positives are very rare. To date, the Porcupine Health Unit has not been notified of any false positive cases for tests that have been carried out in the area. Each positive result is the subject of a rapid follow-up by the Health Unit, by tracing from the start, the chain of contacts and ensuring regular communications with the person concerned and their relatives, in order to limit the spread of disease ”, explain the local health authorities.

The Health Unit insists that a second negative test does not mean that the first screening was wrong, however.

“We continue to learn a lot about asymptomatic cases of COVID-19. Everyone is unique, and therefore the tracking procedure is different each time. So it could mean retesting, for example. But it is important to specify that a second test which turns out negative does not necessarily mean that the first test which was positive was wrong. “

The Porcupine Health Unit area has so far been fairly untouched by COVID-19, with just 71 cases of infection out of 11,881 tests performed. A man in his 70s from Timmins was admitted to hospital and remains the only active case in the territory. The coronavirus has claimed eight lives in this part of the province to date.

Health authorities continue to warn residents, including in municipalities so far spared.

“No matter how current or past COVID-19 is in a community, we know the coronavirus continues to circulate. We are not surprised to see new cases being added, but if people follow proven health measures, the risk of spread can be reduced, even if it cannot be eliminated. “

The most recent report for Ontario *

▶ ️ 91 new cases in Ontario
▶ ️ 39,628 cases in total
▶ ️ 2,782 deaths, 35,601 healings
▶ ️ 78 hospitalizations and 28 people in intensive care
▶ ️ 2,277,887 tests performed, 9,285 awaiting results

* No report had been submitted by Public Health Ontario, this Monday, August 3, 2020

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