Heat Wave | The mask will no longer be required in class.

Due to the intense heat, which is causing mercury levels to rise in several schools, pupils will no longer be forced to wear masks in class. The measure will take effect tomorrow and will remain in effect until the end of the school year, the Lego government announced on Monday evening.

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“I know it was difficult in our classes today. Due to the intense heat, in addition to using fans and air conditioning, the Ministry of Health will allow students to take off their masks from tomorrow until the end of the year when they are in class, ”said Education Minister Jean-François. Roberge, Monday night on Twitter.

These new directives apply to both primary and secondary schools. However, students will be required to wear a mask in public areas, when traveling to school and on school transport, says the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Earlier Monday, Montreal school principals asked the Montreal Ministry of Health to relax the rules for wearing masks on Tuesday.

The Montreal Association of School Directorates (AMDES), which has 650 members in Montreal, said it was “absolutely and urgent” to loosen public health regulations that required students to wear masks at all times in school.

AMDES recalled that several schools in Montreal, especially at the elementary level, have natural ventilation.

“However, we were instructed not to use ventilators facing students, as we usually do, due to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. This greatly reduces their effectiveness, ”writes its president, Kathleen Lego.

On Monday, the Montreal Ministry of Health said it was in discussions with the Ministry of Health.

The Monterey Department of Public Health has already taken a decision in this direction and has authorized, if the temperature in the classroom is unacceptable, that students take off their masks after sitting in their seats.

When asked about this last week, the national director of health clarified that there are no plans to ease the wearing of masks in schools in June.

“It is true that the number of cases is decreasing, but this does not mean that the virus is gone. […] The comfort of children will be taken into account, we will rely on the management that schools can do in extreme heat conditions, ”said D.R Horatio Arruda.

Many teachers on Monday shared photos on social media in which thermometers show temperatures around 30 degrees. Some of them reported on the recommendation of their service centers not to use fans or to use them only at low speeds.

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