Hebdo Crypto #231 – Bitcoin & Crypto News of the Week

Briefly about the week 06.03. News about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is in constant turmoil. It can happen that important information gets lost in the daily information flow and you miss important moments. This format is meant to fix that. We return to last week’s Hebdo Crypto news to keep you up to date with the current situation with cryptocurrencies.

What not to miss in a week

This week, our dear editor-in-chief Hellmouth Banner is not to be missed. This one uses the chaotic cryptocurrency market to launch a new utility column about crypto scams.

Welcome to your new column in the Journal du Coin. This time, we’ll put aside our natural optimism about the potential and future of Bitcoin and the crypto industry in general, to shed a harsh and uncompromising light on the sector’s less brilliant scenes.

Indeed, this section will aim to expose, analyze, explain and, if possible, prevent the various scams, traps and other scams that tend to proliferate in the shadows of the industry in their full teens, at the crossroads of new technology and finance 2.0. A concoction that perhaps makes the worst cocktail for the novice investor or enthusiast, but a bit of a naive amateur: if intoxication is guaranteed, the hangover will indeed be carabiner sometimes!

Check out the full article: Fake Airdrops, Real Scammers.

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Briefly about the news of cryptography

▶ Binance Introduces Its Anti-Fraud Program. As part of this program, the platform wants to rely on the resources of the local police to fight crypto scams. An experiment in Hong Kong appears to have produced encouraging results.

▶ Consensys announces the date of its zkEVM testnet. As such, the company’s second layer solution will open the doors of its public testnet on March 28.

▶ Jack Dorsey Introduces New Venture to Help Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Dubbed “C=”, its mission will be to help Bitcoin adoption, specifically through LN.

▶ Amazon announces NFT buying and selling platform. It should see the light of day in April 2023 and should be accompanied by approximately fifteen partner collections.

▶ Rollkit Unveils Its Bitcoin Savings Solution. Thus, the modular framework of federation introduced an independent federation solution that uses Bitcoin as the data availability layer.

▶ Terawulf presents a BTC mining project in the nuclear power industry. This will happen in Pennsylvania and the project will be tied to a 2.5 gigawatt nuclear power plant.

▶ Le Journal du Coin continues its series of educational videos by including a video on cryptocurrency consensus in the menu of the week.

5 indicators of the week

➤ $16.5 million, which is exactly the amount Yuga Labs raised when it sold its NFTs for bitcoin. Indeed, the studio has launched a collection of 300 NFTs via the Ordinals protocol on Bitcoin.

Twelvefold Collection is a hit for Yuga Labs.

➤ €156,593 is the amount lost by a resident of Montpellier as a result of a crypto scam. Thus, he was involved by a certain Maxime Lebon in a major crypto scam.

➤ 1.59 million USD, this is the amount stolen from the protocol after the hack. Luckily, the hacker turned out to be whitewashed and returned the funds in exchange for a reward for finding bugs.

The downside of

➤ $700,000 is the amount that Vitalik Buterin earned by sifting through his shitcoins. After all, many projects send tokens to their Vitalik.eth address. However, Vitalik is ruthless and has sold all his chips.

Vitalik is selling his shitcoins.

➤ -93% – drop in the price of the Huobi Toke (HT) token. As such, the token plummeted from $4.81 to $0.31 on the Huobi exchange.

Tweet of the week

The tweet of the week is sent to @Artem_Oak warning us about a twitter ad promoting a scam. As always, caution is the mother of safety.

Have a great week at Journal du Coin! 🙂

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