HEKA, which launched the world’s first artificial intelligence mattress in 2018 that improves sleep quality by autonomously adapting to individual body shapes and postures in real time, plans to launch new technologies – ITespresso .Fr

In 2018, HEKA launched the world’s first artificial intelligence mattress that brings to life the fantasy of body-adaptive furniture depicted in sci-fi movies. The mattress can autonomously recognize and adapt to individual body shapes and postures in real time to provide the best support and comfort.

These high quality customized orders have been delivered successfully and all products have been well received, which helps HEKA win a higher reputation.

HEKA AI Mattress with AI TRACKBOT Autonomous Adaptation Module can analyze the user’s body pressure distribution data in real time, recognize body shapes and sleeping positions, and calculate the optimal pressure distribution for sleeping positions based on the sleep medicine database. The mattress automatically adjusts its height and firmness for each sleeping position, keeping the body in the correct position and supporting it during sleep.

The breakthrough discovery in the functionality and sleep experience of the HEKA AI mattress is mainly due to the AI ​​TRACKBOT, which was developed by iFutureLab, an institution mainly engaged in the research and development of AI medical procedures, AIoT, medicinal sleep and high-precision detection systems, and it is HEKA that applies this technology in the production of mattresses, collaborating with iFutureLab.

As a company that provides its members with high-quality custom-made furniture, HEKA strives to offer users larger mattresses and better sleep quality through the application of artificial intelligence technologies.

During the conference, HEKA announced that it has already received orders from royalty, founders and presidents of multinational corporations and Fortune Global 500 companies. To date, these high-quality customized orders have been successfully delivered and all products are in good condition. obtained, which allows HEKA to gain a higher reputation.

In addition, HEKA signed and announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with the iFutureLab Sleep Medicine Center (SMC), becoming a global business partner of the IA TRACKBOT project. iFutureLab SMC will provide ongoing technical support to HEKA through the next collaboration. According to sources, HEKA plans to launch more new technologies and products in the near future.

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