Hello Neighbor 2 – My Neighbor Kidnapper 2

The return of the game where the voyeur can end up with a shovel!

Here’s the final version of Hello Neighbor 2. The base game is on Xbox Game Pass, which is awesome, but once it’s released, there are two DLCs to check out just in case. Otherwise, there’s a Deluxe version that contains the game and DLC… For €59.99 anyway. In short, Hello Neighbor 2 is available, but what is it worth?

Amazing duet!

When the first episode came out, I was a little disappointed. Hello Neighbor was a game when it was released that had good ideas but wasn’t much fun when the controller was in hand. A disappointment for me and a clumsy game at the end. It’s a pity … But with any luck, this new opus will tear everything apart. Hello Neighbor 2 starts in an abandoned barn that serves as a tutorial to learn how to control our character. Halfway between horror and infiltration, Hello Neighbor 2 invites us to discover the secrets of a neighbor who is a bit weird on the edge. We play as a journalist who decides to take on the cause of the person in question, since no one else dares to stick to it. From there we are released into the city, to which we can approach as we wish.

i heard a noise

Something about this game is already bothering me: we know that the neighbor is a bit of a crazy kidnapper. We see from the very beginning of the game that he kidnaps a child. And in the tutorial they catch us in the face with a good shovel… The result? We wake up and we can go look for evidence. Ordinary ! Boy, he could especially bury us under his terrace. Or in other words: I take a shovel and instead of alerting the local police, I go undercover to look for evidence. And when I meet the police at the next house, they kick me out, because hey, there’s nothing for me to fuck there. In short, there is nothing logical in this.

kitchen nightmare

The game retains its gameplay from a first-person perspective. It will be necessary to be careful, to avoid detours of the police and especially a neighbor who wishes us harm. The game does not take us by the hand: we will have to figure out what to do on our own. See a radio-controlled car remote without a battery? Well, let’s find the battery! Do we see the missing gear? Well, let’s search! It’s Seek and Find Number 2! There is nothing creepy about Hello Neighbor 2. At worst, it’s frustrating. The AI ​​of the enemies is weak, it is enough to hide on (or on, not under) the bed so that the character does not see us from three meters. On the other hand, if we drop an item in a room, a guy will come from the other side of the house to check the exact spot where the item fell. Another logical thing…


The art direction is quite successful and the environment is really nice. This time you can really explore the area and several places. The game has a little Pixar side to it, without being a bombshell from a visual standpoint, it’s pretty cute. On the other hand, even if there are several places, we can burn the game in two hours. If we ever decide to hack two DLCs, they could add another hour each. The first, “Back to School,” is about an abandoned school, while the second, “Pay for Being Late,” is set in a library. Anyway, the gameplay pissed me off because of the RB button to use and grab whatever slides around. This is not the button I would choose by default. Otherwise, there are no special problems, except for a few collision and texture errors. Finally, a few words about the soundtrack, which is right: it didn’t particularly hook me, but in any case it accompanied the action well.

Don’t sneeze!

Hello Neighbor 2 is not the episode that will make me fall in love with the series. In addition to being too short and with improbable situations, I found the AI ​​weak and the game disappointing. If you cling to the gibberish, the little hidden object moments will be enjoyable, but you’ll have to love searching on all fours. In short, the meeting is missed for me. Shame.

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