Helloganss Wireless Mechanical Keyboard 75% Hot Swap

Helloganss engineers have unveiled their latest creation in the form of a 75% hot swappable wireless mechanical keyboard, now available for backup via Kickstarter. Designed to provide users with a “fully programmable” keyboard, the design was developed for both digital professionals and gamers, offering up to 5 device connectivity and hotswappable switches, RGB lighting, and compatibility with Mac operating systems and Windows. Early contributions for an interesting project are now available from around £109 to £94 (depending on current exchange rates).

mechanical keyboard features

“Meet the HS 75T, the hot swappable wireless mechanical keyboard you’ve been dreaming of when it comes to typing. Seriously. With a compact 75% layout that combines superior functionality with stunning design and programmable and customizable features, this keyboard will appeal to every digital professional or gamer. So here’s the thing. Your 108key fullsize mechanical keyboard is old school. Yes, it has many features, but it is too big and bulky. The HS 75T solves that problem by being a 75% keyboard that does everything your 108key keyboard does – in fact, it does a lot more and is much smaller!”

Wireless mechanical keyboard

You can connect to the keyboard using a USBC cable, Bluetooth 5.1, or a 2.4G wireless network. Assuming the Helloganss 75% funding campaign successfully achieves its required target and execution runs smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place around November 2022. To learn more about Helloganss 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Project, please watch the promotional video below.

“This is a 2.4G wireless keyboard with builtin Bluetooth 5.1 chip. You can connect your desktop to a laptop, two phones and a tablet and use the same great keyboard for all of them at the same time – and customize specific keys to make switching between devices as easy as it should be. Use the HS 75T in its wireless version and enjoy an ultrastable connection that you can connect to up to 5 Bluetooth devices, be it Mac, Windows, iOS or Android devices!”

Keyboard switches compared

keyboard switches compared

“We have to be honest: we are fans of Apple design, but we are also fans of universal compatibility. That’s why we designed the HS 75T with a MAC layout, but designed to be compatible with Mac or Windows computers, and with iOS or Android mobile devices. In fact, with the HS 75T you can even set up different keyboard layouts and easily switch between operating systems, because a really good keyboard should give you freedom and options, not force you to accept just one.”

For a complete list of all available prepromises, additional targets, additional media and other features for the wireless mechanical keyboard, visit the Helloganss 75% Crowdfunding Campaign official page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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