Help us find an AI serial killer: The Somnium Files – A nirvanA initiative on GR Live today

After the big reception of AI: The Somnium Files in September 2019, a sequel to the same game was released in June this year in the form of a game called AI: The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative.

Developed as an anime visual adventure novel, the premise of this sequel is to solve a serial killer case, a case that began when the right half of a corpse was discovered in the past and the left half appeared six years later with no signs of decay. . Needless to say, this is a rather tricky puzzle.

And to see how this mystery begins to unravel, our very own David will check out the first hour of AI: The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative on today’s GR Live. Starting from the regular time of 3pm BST / 4pm CEST, you can catch David on the GR Live home page to see how this strange story begins.

And before we get started, be sure to check out the game’s launch trailer below.

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