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In Western culture, blood sweat refers to a crucial episode of Christianity: a strange sweat covered Jesus’ body just before Judas kissed him as a traitor, starting his Passion. But in the modern world, this phenomenon comes from a very rare disease called hematidrosis, which is explained by a hormonal dysfunction that causes a violation of the production of adrenaline, reaching levels twenty times higher than the average.

blood sweat

The consequence of this overproduction: increased anxiety, accompanied by an abnormal increase in blood pressure, which leads to excessive expansion of very thin skin vessels … up to and including their rupture. The blood then traveled to nearby sweat glands and broke through the skin barrier. This bloody sweating occurs especially on the hands and face, sometimes with the appearance of bloody tears, without any damage or disorders of blood clotting.

28 cases were registered between 2004 and 2017.

If cases of hematidrosis remain rare, we find references to it even in the writings of Aristotle, and Canadian medical historian and hematologist Jacqueline Duffin reports 28 cases between 2004 and 2017 that were the subject of publications. This disease most often affects young girls, averaging 14 years of age, and the symptoms last about four years. The appointment of a beta-blocker reduces the number of seizures.

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