Herault: simple fine for transporting 41 kg of marijuana

The Spaniard was arrested by customs on the A9 motorway. The court found him guilty, but sentenced him to a light sentence.

When he was checked on October 15 on the A9 motorway, at the level of the Ambrussum district in Villete, José Manuel was transporting 41 kg of herbal cannabis distributed in sachets hidden in three barrels and a cardboard box.

The Spaniard, who was going to deliver automotive and plumbing equipment to Italy, swore that he did not know about the presence of the drug. But he loaded the goods at 11:30 pm on a public highway. And he happened to unload from a private person who rented expensive cars and was known for embezzlement …

“He rented a van in his name, used his personal phone, and was paid partly in cash and partly by bank transfer, which I have never seen in the drug trade,” his lawyer, who asked for release, said in front of the Montpellier Criminal Office. Court.

Eventually José Luis was found guilty, fined €10,000 and his goods confiscated. Customs demanded a fine of 71,000 euros.

The Spaniard could not be sentenced to prison, as the court was delayed by a direct call from customs.

Last month, the Hungarian was not so “lucky”. Arrested while transporting 23 kg of marijuana, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison and fined 20,000 euros.

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