Here are 18 specialists selected for the first factory design competition.

Industrialization is a difficult step for startups. It is often easier to turn to subcontractors abroad. Therefore, the state decided to help industrial start-ups, in particular, through a competition of projects with an investment of $550 million for the period 2022-2026. The first 18 winners were announced this Saturday, November 26, 2022.

88 million euros

A total of 88 million euros have been allocated for this first wave of start-ups. But overall, the 18 selected projects represent 467 million euros in total investment and should create 2,000 industrial jobs. They were selected from around a hundred submitted projects, a testament to the dynamism of the industry. The second wave of winners will be announced by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

“Historically focused primarily on digital technology, the French tech ecosystem is undergoing a real DNA change with the emergence of a generation of industrial start-ups preparing to build factories to produce products in France. Radically new,” said Jean-Noel. Barro, Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Telecommunications. These startups are proposing to industrialize innovative products in strategic sectors, be it biotechnology, healthcare, agri-food, batteries, materials, robotics or electronics.

Help reindustrialize

This call for projects is part of a strategy of “industrial and deep technology start-ups” with a budget of 2.3 billion euros. This component of France 2030, presented last January, is led by Bpifrance. Purpose: to help start-ups at the stage of industrialization of their production, removing the obstacles that stand in their way. For example, it is more difficult for industrial start-ups to find the funding needed to overcome the industrialization of their production. So the idea is to help them produce their own products in France.

With this support, the government wishes to “transform French excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship into production sites carrying technological innovations that reindustrialize the territories, revitalize the industry and give it a strong competitive position.”

18 winners

food industry

  • Microphyt: The startup produces active natural ingredients from microalgae. She wants to build a plant that can produce over 100 tons of high value-added ingredients. A project aimed at creating 60 jobs.

  • Umiami: The SME wants to open a factory in France in 2023 with a production capacity of 15,000 tons of vegetable protein-based food per year. Products tend to mimic the texture of meat and fish. The startup intends to create 200 jobs.

  • Futura Gaia Technologies: A startup is developing an automated solution for vertical soil farming to be sold as turnkey farms. A project that aims to create 140 jobs.

  • Green Spot Technologies: The startup turns plant by-products into highly nutritious food powder through a fermentation process that releases only water vapor. She wants to create 100 jobs.

  • BioProx: The startup aims to build new industrial capacity to produce recombinant proteins within three years, specifically next-generation plant and animal enzymes.


  • Wandercraft: A startup is developing exoskeletons, specifically for people with disabilities. She also wants to develop a thinner and more agile exoskeleton for personal use at home and in the city. The startup wants to have an industrial production site in France and expects to create 300 jobs.

  • Core Biogenesis: A startup has developed a method for bioproducing growth factors on a very large scale. French biotechnology is targeting the cell therapy and artificial meat market that uses these molecules. The company wants to industrialize its production in order to establish itself as an industry leader.

  • eCential Robotics: The startup has developed a real-time 3D imaging and surgical navigation solution that allows surgeons to follow their gestures directly in 3D. He wants to set up a factory and expects to create a hundred jobs.

Chemistry and low carbon materials

  • Eranova: uses beached green algae to produce resins and composites that can be used in the production of biodegradable and sustainable products (reusable packaging, classic garbage or compost bags, food trays, etc.). The project will eventually create 140 jobs.

  • Alpha Chitin: develops a new French industrial sector for insects, krill and fungi to produce chitin/chitosan. This molecule of the future has many applications: medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environmental. The project will eventually create 200 jobs.

  • NeoCem: aims to create a new low-carbon cement manufacturing sector based on a circular economy.

  • TchaoMegot: The startup collects, cleans and recycles cigarette butts to create new environmentally friendly insulation materials useful in construction and textile upholstery. The project will eventually create 45 jobs.

Robotics, electronics and space

  • XSun: Wants to develop a solar drone factory. The project should create 115 jobs.

  • Erems: A startup specializing in electronics for on-board instruments and equipment. The company wants to set up an automated clean room manufacturing unit, including a qualified pilot assembly line dedicated to space applications in the NewSpace market.

New opportunities

  • Limatech: A startup developing next-generation lithium batteries for aviation and harsh environments. The project should create 55 jobs.

  • Bellatrix: A startup specializing in smart components that make electric bikes easier to use and more efficient.

  • Atawey: A startup designs, manufactures and sells hydrogen charging stations (compact station, retrofit station, mobile station). The project will eventually create 100 jobs.

  • Ampere: Ampere has developed an innovative grid charging infrastructure solution that enables the deployment of large-scale terminals while reducing installation costs and improving electrical and fire safety. The project will eventually create 260 jobs.

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