Here are 7 old-fashioned games that clearly deserve a sequel or a reboot!

All video game enthusiasts will tell you: some licenses remain etched in the annals. Difficult to detach from it, in itself, and say goodbye to the characters. Here are 7 titles we loved to play and which clearly deserve a remake.

Games that rocked our childhood …

We would all like to relive the first emotions of discovering our favorite games. If the fashion is for remakes of all kinds, some licenses deserve it more than others. More than just a HD port, we would like to dive into a game a little more innovative, with added value, without losing the mechanics of yesteryear. A risky bet, some would say. This does not prevent certain franchises from giving birth to real nuggets. Because “it was better before”, still!

Fans eagerly awaited FF VII last year, for example, resurrected through a full reboot. Nice little facelift in short. Like what, do the bet of a sure value is not necessarily a bad thing. It is still necessary to do it well and not to distort the original work, at the risk of a bitter failure. Remember for example the worst remakes of recent years …

Top 7 games we would like to see in a remake worthy of the name

We cannot say it enough: remastering a game is not easy. Just like adapting a video game on the big screen for that matter. Like Mortal Kombat, which arrives in theaters next April and which leaves us skeptical. In the meantime, here is 7 titles that, according to U.S, deserve their small cure of youth. A list of course, not exhaustive, which will surely deserve to be expanded. Do not hesitate to tell us which game you would have liked to see in the top.

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