Here are the 14 Xbox games announced and presented at the Guerrilla Collective conference

The Media Indie Exchange collective is backing up this year with the Guerrilla Collective conference divided into two episodes, the second part being reserved for the Summer Game Fest. We’ve compiled the games announced for PC and Xbox consoles for you, some of which are sure to move more than one if they don’t blow your mind first.

Super Space Club

Unveiled during the ID @ Xbox show, the exclusive game created by GrahamOfLegend made a new appearance at the Guerrilla Collective show. The brightly colored Astroids-like shoot em’up takes you into a space battle to infinity beyond, as long as you don’t die.

In Super Space Club, travel alongside a group of anthropomorphic heroes as they seek to become the galaxy’s best defenders. You will complete various missions, participate in multiple space battles and play to lo-fi beats in this arcade style shooter.


Jonas Manke, the only name behind the studio InkyFox, has given us a new gameplay sequence for his adventure game with a blue and calming atmosphere. OMNO will be available in Xbox Game Pass when it is slated for release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this summer.

OMNO is an atmospheric adventure on a journey of discovery through an ancient world of wonders. Players travel through lush forests, sunny deserts and icy tundras, and the power of a lost civilization can even transport the hero to the clouds. Along the way there will be creatures large and small to observe and interact with – shy rock-like crabs, helpful turtles, maybe even a friendly dinosaur to ride on?

The world of OMNO is filled with puzzles, platforming challenges and hidden secrets. The Player’s Magic Staff is the key to powering Forgotten Relics, and will allow players to soar across platforms, soar over dry land, sail above the clouds, and more.


HeroBeat Studios presented the gameplay of Endling, an adventure game that deals with the sensitive theme of ecology. You control a mother fox and as the species is on the verge of extinction, you will need to protect and feed your three cubs while they learn survival skills such as climbing trees and can support you. in your quest. The game is scheduled for 2021 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

See what life would be like in a world ravaged by mankind through the eyes of the last fox on Earth in this eco-friendly adventure.

Discover the destructive force of the human race, which corrupts, pollutes and exploits the most precious resources of natural environments day after day. Explore the side-scrolling 3D world of Endling and defend your little ones, three tiny, helpless furballs, feed them, watch them grow level after level, notice their unique personalities and fears, and most importantly, help them out to survive.

Use the cover of the night to stealthily guide your reach to a more secure location. Spend the day resting in a makeshift shelter and carefully plan your next move, as it could be the last for you and your puppies.

Grow: Song of the Evertree

The Australian studio Prideful Sloth, supported by 505 Games, unveiled Grow: Song of the Evertree in which you control a young girl who struggles to re-enchant her world which has lost its colors and her life following the corruption of her Tree of Life. The game is expected this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Grow: Song of the Evertree is a breathtaking world-building game, with elements of life management and exploration. Players discover the once vibrant and colorful world of Alaria, abandoned and overrun by the mysterious Wither. In time, Alaria wilted, and the magnificent Evertree – whose many worlds once resided on its countless branches – is nothing but a sapling whose splendor has long since faded from memory.

As Everheart Alchemists, players will learn to nurture, heal, and grow new and unique worlds in the Branches of the Evertree. When the old inhabitants return and life begins to blossom, players will be able to meet them, learn their stories, and create a dream town to nurture a thriving community.

Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo

With Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo, Microids made it their mission to capture the essence of the storytelling, suspense and brutal reality of the American film Cold Sweats by acclaimed director Hitchcock. The studio wants to reproduce the feeling of omniscience of the spectator who sees the protagonist lose himself in his doubts, only this time as a player so both spectator and actor, you will have a power over the outcome of the adventure. The game will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Writer Ed Miller escaped his car accident in Brody Canyon, California unscathed. Even though no one was found in the wreckage of the car, Ed insists he was traveling with his wife and daughter. Traumatized by this event, he begins to suffer from severe dizziness. By entering therapy, he will try to find out what really happened on that tragic day.


Trifox is an adventure and action game set in a unique and colorful world inspired by classic platform games. In Trifox, you play as a multi-talented fox on a quest to restore and bring peace to his recently invaded and plundered home.

Release scheduled for early 2022.

The Eternal Cylinder (2021)

In the open world game The Eternal Cylinder, players control a herd of adorable creatures called Trebhums and must explore a strange alien world filled with alien life forms, surreal environments and the constant threat of the Cylinder, a gargantuan rolling structure. of ancient origin that crushes everything in its path.

Chernobylite (July 2021)

Chernobylite is back on video. This horror, survival and sci-fi experience mixes exploration, storytelling and RPG.

In Chernobylite, you play as Igor, a former employee of the Chernobyl power plant who returns to the exclusion zone to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée, Tatiana, 30 years ago. In the Zone, time is not a simple, linear affair. You will have to make choices that will affect your ultimate destiny, even going so far as to change the past. Will you be making the right decisions? Will they take you to Tatiana?

Run Die Run Again

Run Die Run Again (RDRA) is an Xbox console exclusive. It’s a fast-paced, precision first-person platform game set in a world where most of the competition is set on deadly courses, where every inch of the environment is there to kill you. An endurance race of speed, trail and error, where quick reactions and acrobatic dodging are rewarded.

Aeon Drive (2021)

Blast through the cyberpunk landscapes of Neo Barcelona in Aeon Drive, an action platformer with a twist of speedrun. Whether solo or with up to 4 friends, sprint and speed through many neighborhoods of the neon infused city – and use your time and space mastery abilities to move forward.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Embark on an adventure as a budding wildlife photographer in the hidden and magical jungles of Maravilla Island! Explore and solve puzzles to discover extraordinary creatures, learn their behaviors, and most importantly, photograph their majesty. Explore a mysterious 3D island teeming with life at your own pace. Make friends and interact in a meaningful way with remarkable creatures. Find out what makes each magical creature unique and capture the perfect photo of their enchanting behaviors. Use light, sound and the surrounding nature to solve puzzles and unravel the secrets of Maravilla.

KungFu Kickball

In KungFu Kickball, compete against your friends in a sport that mixes football and kung fu action movies. Fly through the air and unleash a flurry of punches, kicks and mystical arts to subdue the other team and smash the ball into their bell. Each ring counts as one point and the team with the most points at the end of the allotted time is declared the winner.

BlasterMaster Zero 3

In the final video in BlasterMaster Zero’s story, Jason returns to the planet Sophia, battling mutants and other new enemies to save Eve.


In Lamentum, guide Victor Hartwell, a young aristocrat on a desperate journey to cure the deadly disease plaguing his beloved wife, Alissa. Their last hope lies in the dark rooms of Grau Hill Mansion where the Earl has uncovered ancient secrets and forgotten sciences. He claims he can cure Alissa, but… at what cost? Grau Hill Mansion will open its doors to you and plunge you into a world of nightmares where you could be trapped forever.

Release scheduled for fall 2021.

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