Here are the 4 personality traits common to all psychopaths.

Some people may think that a person may become a psychopath due to a traumatic childhood. However, the findings of a neuroscientist with 15 years of experience in brain research suggest that this is not the case. In a webinar organized by The Science and Information Exchange, an organization that connects the entertainment industry and science professionals, Abigail Marsh, professor of psychology and neuroscientist at Georgetown University, explained that the origin of psychopathy is to often brain development.

“We know that the severity of these traits is related to characteristic brain abnormalities that appear to begin early in childhood and progress thereafter,” said Abigail Marsh, who also founded the nonprofit research organization Psychopathy Is, during the event. . According to Abigail Marsh, psychopathy exists on a spectrum from mild to severe, with some being more manipulative, riskier, and more threatening than others. However, Abigail Marsh said that every psychopath has four characteristics: absence of mercy, absence of remorse, inability to love and remains insensitive to the idea of ​​feeling pain.

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Psychopaths have little or no mercy or remorse for others.

“First of all, it is difficult for people on the psychopathy spectrum to feel sorry,” Abigail Marsh explained before adding, “When someone close to a psychopath feels sad or fearful, they cannot understand this emotion, because it is something that does not feel itself.

The neuroscientist gave the example of an elementary school boy who studied who filmed his teachers and classmates as they reacted to a possible terrorist attack at their school, screaming, crying and evacuating. Similarly, people with psychopathy experience little to no remorse when they hurt others mentally, emotionally or physically, according to Abigail Marsh.

She also studied the case of a boy who was fired and suspended from school by his teachers so often that his mother lost her job because she had to take care of him. He then enrolled in a mental health facility due to stress, and when the neuroscientist asked the boy how he was feeling, he replied that it was not affecting him. “The things I do hurt her, but she doesn’t really say how much, so it doesn’t affect me,” replied the girl. “He blamed his mother for his complete lack of remorse, for all the negative effects that had occurred due to his behavior,” Abigail Marsh said.

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Psychopaths don’t understand love like everyone else

Psychopaths also have a hard time feeling or understanding love. “They do not feel a close and loving bond with people in the same way as other people. More than one child or adolescent that I have interviewed has told me that they do not love anyone, not their family or their friends,” said the neuroscientist . during the seminar.

Instead, people with psychopathy may refer to their loved ones or think of them as “associates” who can help but are inferior to them, according to Abigail Marsh.

Psychopaths are not afraid of being hurt physically or emotionally.

Finally, not all people with psychopathy understand the emotion of fear. “They’re really insensitive to the possibility of future harm. In the words of one girl we studied, ‘Nothing scares me, nothing,” argued Abigail Marsh.

The professor adds that the threat of being hurt, going to jail or disapproving will not prevent a psychopath from doing what he wants. She studied the case of another young woman who stole her parents’ car for a ride, climbed a tree, and overturned it. “She was unfazed. The cops showed up at her house later and she was sitting quietly on the couch, eating Doritos,” the neuroscientist concluded.

Original version: Julia Naftulin / Insider

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