Here are the ten products that saw their prices rise the most in August

Inflation in France slowed to 5.8% in August (compared to 6.1% in July), but consumer prices did not follow the same trajectory last month, according to data compiled by Le Figaro. In May, the growth was 4.3%, and in June the growth was even higher – 5.7%, while the number of fresh products has already increased significantly (+6.2%). But in August, prices jumped another 7.9%. Among them, some products stand out with impressive growth, according to Irie, an institute that specializes in analyzing consumer product data.

In this small game, frozen foods are the most flambé (+28.64%), ahead of minced meat (+21.82%) and pasta (19.78%). When it comes to these ten products that have risen the most in the past month, they are all posting more than 16% growth. Thus, food packaging and handkerchiefs went up by more than 18%, pasta for household purposes (pie dough, etc.) and ready meals – by more than 17%. And also +16% for paper towels, margarine and roasted coffee.


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Further increase should follow

Prices for minced meat and frozen meat are rising along with energy prices, and pasta is suffering from drought in Canada, a major exporter of durum wheat. In terms of packaging, the rise is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has boosted demand, but manufacturers have struggled to keep up. For some products, the increase is due to various factors: the price of raw materials and energy for paper towels or handkerchiefs, the rise in oil prices due to the war in Ukraine over margarine, or the frost in Brazil that affected coffee.


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“In general, this inflation is related to the events that took place in 2021, in particular with the coronavirus pandemic. […] There is always a lag between rising commodity prices and their impact on outlets,” Emily Meyer, director of Business Insight at Iri, analyzes with Figaro. By the end of the year, other products should rise again, such as cream or butter. because of milk prices.


Chicken breast, cheese, butter… The price of these products has increased by more than 20%!

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