Here is the hardest trophy on the Rogue that only “GOATs” have

August 17, 2022, 10:56 am

August 16, 2022, 5:34 pmSharon Gonsalves

Out of Stray’s 25 trophies, these favorites are the hardest to get for players in an indie game.

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The most difficult trophies for PS4 and PS5

What would our games be like without trophies? Optional for some, a real institution for others, trophy hunting attracts many players in search of challenges and savory adventures, such as this trophy that requires over 200 hours of play.

Recently released on PS4, PS5 and PC, the all-new independent game Stray is no exception to the rule as it has no less than 25 trophies: one Platinum, seven Gold, nine Silver and eight Bronze. Some of them are easy to get during your adventure… Others require much more effort.

I Am Speed ​​Golden Trophy: It’s time to run faster!

miniatureto roam Annapurna Interactive

Usually completing the Rogue with all its side quests and then collecting all the badges takes about ten hours of gameplay, and if you’re only focused on the main story then it takes about five hours.

To get the I am Speed ​​trophy, you really need to be really fast because, as the name suggests, only players who manage to complete the game in less than two hours can qualify for this trophy. According to the PTHHC website, less than 30% of players currently own this trophy.

Silver trophy “Sneakitty”: stay out of sight!

Another rather difficult trophy is Sneakitty. The latter asks you to be more careful and tiptoe (or cat-like) in chapter 10 of the game. After stealing the worker’s jacket and helmet, you should never be seen by the Guardians.

This means that the tabby has to go through Neco Corp, enter Clementine’s apartment, and exit the apartment complex without being detected at all, which is pretty tricky. According to PTHHC, less than 35% of players were able to pull off a perfect penetration, which is enough to be hailed by Snake and Sam Fisher!

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