Here’s how Apple could implement a notch-less display on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 14 is almost ready and Apple will likely announce its latest phones at an upcoming event on September 7th. And when that date arrives, the two models could look completely different.

Both iPhone 14 Pro models are expected to lose the notch on their displays, becoming the first flagship iPhones to debut without a notch since Apple introduced the design with the 2017 iPhone X. Instead, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to use a circular cutout for their front-facing cameras, as well as a pill-shaped cutout for the various face ID sensors used to unlock the device.

While it seems like a daunting task for Apple to pack all the technology into a tablet cutout, a new patent filed by the company shows how it can achieve this.

According to Apple Patent (will open in a new tab)The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application from the tech giant that shows various options for how Apple can reduce the size of the notch and fit technology into a tighter space. The patent mentions various combinations of using a “light folding projector”, a camera, and an infrared light emitter that can reflect and redirect infrared light.

The patent describes how a lightweight folding projector can be used to “reduce the footprint of components to maximize display area and thereby reduce the size of the notch in the iPhone.” It goes on to say that the infrared emitter doesn’t have to be placed in the cutout – if placed on the side of the phone or at the bottom, the folding light projector will act as a prism and rotate the beam 90 degrees. , according to 9to5Mac (will open in a new tab).

“This can reduce the overall size of the imaging components and sensors, thereby reducing the size of the recess for holding the imaging component and sensors and increasing the display area of ​​the device,” the patent says.

After the first iPhone with a notch appeared five years ago, Apple’s phone design remained relatively unchanged until last year, when the notch was reduced by 20% on all four iPhone 13s. Now some models will get rid of the notch altogether, although the iPhone 14 vs. A comparison of the iPhone 14 Pro rumors shows that the less expensive iPhones are expected to keep their marks.

Removing the notch would be quite an achievement considering all the different sensors and technology required for the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera system. This setup includes a selfie camera, an infrared camera, a depth sensor, and a dot projector, which plays an important role in Face ID. A recently released patent application shows how these different parts can be compressed.

Estimated real image of the new iPhone 14 Pro notch.

(Image credit: Duan Rui)

Since the patent was recently filed, there is no guarantee that we will see this technology in this year’s iPhone. However, rumors about the fate of the notch are pretty consistent with Apple’s plans. Since then, many leaks have suggested what the notch might look like on the Pro models. The recent iPhone 14 Pro leak shows what the phone could look like in real life and gives us a clear idea of ​​the new pill-shaped notch.

In addition to rumors of a notch, the iPhone 14 Pro will get a 48MP main camera. Other potential upgrades include an always-on display and new color options including dark purple.

Very soon at Apple’s September event, we’ll find out everything the new iPhone set will bring. We may also see the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE 2 for the first time at the event, and possibly even the AirPods Pro 2 if we’re lucky.

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