Here’s the best adapted One Piece game (and you probably don’t know it)

There are a large number of games adapted from One Piece. Even if not all of them are memorable, the one we’ll talk about stands out and deserves your full interest.

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One Piece in a video game, really a failure?

One Piece Odyssey might be the best One Piece game ever. The information and videos shared about the game suggest a lot of potential, but we’ll have to wait until the end of the year to be sure. Eiichiro Oda’s contributions are enough to reassure fans.

Because it must be admitted that for all the cult of One Piece, video games adapted under license did not leave memorable memories (unlike, for example, Naruto or Dragon Ball). Plus, the Metacritic-highest-rated One Piece game must have passed right under your nose. Check out One Piece Treasure Cruise.

High quality One Piece game… and free

One Piece: Treasure Cruise was released in France in 2015 for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game developed by Bandai Namco is a turn-based RPG filled with fan service. One Piece: Treasure Cruise will take you through Eiichiro Oda’s creative story all the way to the “Dreams” arc.

You will visit many iconic places in One Piece and you will be able to recruit a very large number of characters (from Luffy to Foxy through Zephyr, Sakazuki or Zeo). Obviously the game includes the gacha mechanic, but you can progress by ignoring it.

One Piece: Treasure Cruise is the game of the saga with the highest rating on Metacritic: a good 79 out of 100 in media around the world. Let’s hope that One Piece Odyssey, which will introduce a brand new character created by Eiichiro Oda, will be even better.

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