Hero9 Black: GoPro goes 5K and gives its action cam a second DJI-style screen –

Like every year, the American manufacturer GoPro has renewed its most high-end action cam, the Hero Black. We are now in the 9th generation and if the Hero8 Black, admittedly excellent, brought relatively few improvements compared to the previous model, the Hero9 Black introduces some important new features.

5K 30p, second screen and new functions

First of all, the integrated sensor evolves to allow the camera to record videos in 5K at 30 frames per second, that is to say with a total of 14.7 million pixels, and photos in 20 million pixels. A notable advance to which one could however answer that the screens allowing to take advantage of this image definition are quite rare and expensive, while an increase in the rate of 4K videos would perhaps have been more profitable since the compatible screens 100 or 120 Hz for example are more numerous. Unfortunately, 4K remains at 60p this year. On the other hand, Full HD at 240p can now slow down videos up to 8 times.

The other big novelty is the arrival of a second front screen of 1.4 inches diagonal, an excellent idea clearly borrowed from DJI and its Osmo Action. Note that at the back, the integrated screen grows a bit to reach 2.27 inches. The brand has also improved the autonomy of the camera by 30% according to its press release, which means that it should slowly exceed the operating hour. For its part, the excellent HyperSmooth stabilization goes to version 3.0 and gains an automatic horizon keeping system. Of course, GoPro has also added new software functions to it to complete the (already long) proposed list, such as HindSight allowing to record the few tens of seconds (30 maximum) which precede pressing the shutter button. We will also note the arrival of a recording planning function as well as the update of Timewarp mode which goes to version 3.0, or the return of streaming, webcam mode, Live Burst, voice control. and other features of the previous model.

For the rest, we find the waterproof frame up to 10m deep of the previous model, the USB-C port for recharging and the accessory mounting system integrated into the camera. Small notable novelty, in order to limit the waste generated by its products, explains GoPro, the packaging of the Hero9 Black is in fact a carrying case that the user can keep.

New accessories

With each new GoPro Hero Black its accessories, the brand is therefore launching 4 new modules alongside the camera: the Max lens (€ 99) to obtain a much wider angle while limiting distortions, the lighting module (49, 99 €) for dark scenes, the display module (79.99 €) offering an additional screen and finally the Media module (89.99 €) consisting of a microphone, a 3.5 mm jack port for connect another microphone, an HDMI port and two accessory shoes. However, the camera remains compatible with more than 25 other accessories of the brand.

The Hero9 Black is available now from regular distributors for € 479.99. However, you can take advantage of a discount if you are subscribed or take out the GoPro subscription at the time of purchase, this will lower the price to 379.99 €. The subscription is offered at € 49.99 / year or € 4.99 / month.

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