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Jedi Fallen Order characters honored in Heroes of the Galaxy

This Thursday, a new character appeared on the holotable: Cal KestisA game ” Star Wars: Fallen Order The arrival of this character was announced a few months ago and we received confirmation in early February.

What we didn’t know was that this character would be the first requirement to get a legend: Cal Kestis (survivor)obviously, Cal Kestis can hide something else… This second Cal Kestisfrom the game” Star Wars Jedi: Survivor “, Next ” Fallen Order ” should eventually be placed in the guide at the single adventure level, either level IV or level V.

In addition to the 1st Cal Kestis4 new characters will be required to unlock Cal Kestis (survivor)therefore all appearing in the game” Fallen Order » :

Tsere Junda (Jedi Master Cal Kestis)

merrin (“night sister” Dathomir)

Tarfful (for those who haven’t played) Fallen Order “we see this Wookiee in” Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith “, Near Chewbacca and from iodine on Kashyyyk, during the issuance of Order 66)

So Guerrera (we are no longer introducing this character, who, logically, we should find in season 2 of the series Andor)

It will be necessary to pass all these characters 7 * and gear 12. If the passage of the character to the level of gear 12 is greatly simplified today, then the passage of these new characters to 7 * can take quite a long time. So you will have to be patient.

The latest information, a new planet should appear in TB soon: Zeffo. This is the planet we see in ” Fallen Order and this will be the bonus zone for the latest TB. To connect it, you will need to get a certain number of stars.

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