Hideo Kojima finally responded to the abandoned rumors he finds boring

We are finally approaching the epilogue of Abandoned. We no longer place too much “hope” on the fact that the game will ever be released, as everything around smacks of a scam, which is confirmed by numerous surveys of Blue Box Game Studios and its representative, the famous Hasan Kahraman. . But we still expected that Hideo Kojima, despite all this business, would come forward and state his point of view on this issue. This is now done, as he mentioned the topic in the latest episode of his own Brain Structure podcast (reports VGC).

Kojima is just as tired of this story as we are.

Along with his longtime friend Jeff Keighley, Kojima has returned to the growing phenomenon of rumors in the video game world that continue to spread.

An opportunity for him to talk about the “Abandoned” case, since many thought that the Japanese creator was involved in the case. It wasn’t like that at all, but even now people seem to think so, which Kojima confirms:

“Users kept sending me pictures of this Hassan. They still send me montages and deepfake images, about twenty a day, which is really annoying. »

If people could think that, it’s because Hideo Kojima did a trick on us during the promotion of the latest Metal Gear Solid, inventing a human from scratch, as well as a fake Moby Dick studio:

“When we did the same with Moby Dick, you [en parlant à Geoff Keighley] was in the scheme and it was pretty fun, but people need to know that I wouldn’t do the same thing twice. I never talked to Hassan, the game hasn’t come out yet. I don’t think he can do or say much at this moment. But if he releases the game, maybe people will understand, so maybe he should hurry up with releasing it. »

The message has passed, and now we can leave the whole story behind, unless Hasan Kahraman also decides to come out of his silence.

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