His family devastated by COVID-19, sends a message to the public | COVID-19 in the Atlantic

In total, I have seven family members who have contracted the virus.Specifies Émilie Thériault during an interview given on Friday to the ICI Acadie program La matinale.

His mother was the first to contract the disease, he says. The origin of the contagion in your case remains undetermined.

My mom grabbed it first. She was sick: fever and all the other symptoms. Then finally it fell on your spouse.

Neither of them was vaccinated against this disease, according to Émilie Thériault.

Your partner: five days of high fever. After five days, his oxygen began to drop. It was hard for him to breathe. I was out of breath. He couldn’t get up.

Her mother, she says, took her partner to Saint-Quentin Hospital, where she was diagnosed with COVID-19. The patient was transferred to Edmundston Hospital, where he is resting, but not in intensive care. He receives oxygen and is fed intravenously.

Émilie Thériault with her husband and son.

Photo: Facebook / Émilie Thériault

Émilie Thériault’s sister, who visits her mother often, also fell ill. His screening test result was positive. Since she tested positive, her little one had to pass the test. He was also positive, but had no symptoms.

An uncle of Ms Thériault also contracted COVID-19, later her grandfather.

My grandfather, who is now in my time, was hospitalized in intensive care in Campbellton with a ventilator. He is still unconscious, in a coma. We don’t have any more news than that. His condition is stable for now. We want to keep it that way to improve.

“Regrets” in their unvaccinated relatives

Émilie Thériault says she had no idea that the disease would spread so quickly and affect some members of her family so strongly. His grandfather was also not vaccinated, he said.

When COVID-19 vaccines began to be offered, the family was reluctant to get vaccinated, according to Thériault.

My family really didn’t believe in that. Them [se sont dits] they were going to wait until they learned more about vaccines. They were like many people. They did not believe in it. They said maybe it was a plan and all that. But I can tell you that today they regretted that, for not having been vaccinated before because it could have been less worse for some.says Émilie Thériault.

A message of conscience

Émilie Thériault tells her story in a video recording on social media.

Basically, I made this video not with the goal of forcing anyone, anyone, to make a decision and influence anyone. Me, I just wanted to warn people to be vigilant, to get tested for the slightest first symptom because it really can degenerate quickly., she explains.

I wanted people to know first and foremost that there really is a real chaos that this virus can cause. The pandemic must be taken seriously. This is not a joke.

A quote from: Émilie Thériault, resident of Kedgwick

According to Émilie Thériault, many people in her community do not believe that COVID-19 is real and refuse to get vaccinated.

It is your choice. I totally respect that, 100%, but it concerns me and my family, since they lived it themselves and yet we had members of my family who had serious consequences, serious repercussions, before this, their opinion has totally changed.

Émilie Thériault adds that she and her partner had been vaccinated. Today we are happy, very happy to have been there.

With information from the show La matinale

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