His manga robots help guardians and restorers

While American Elon Musk revealed his humanoid robot Optimus at the end of September, the French weren’t left out, with Miroka, a robot inspired by the manga world, unveiled at the end of November and straight from Jerome’s imagination. Monceau. Passionate about robots, this engineer founded Aldebaran Robotics in 2005, which he sold to Japan’s SoftBank ten years later to launch a larger project.

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Dreaming of a French ecosystem dedicated to robots, in 2021 he created Enchanted Tools, which gave birth to Miroka, with the help of Pollen Robotics from Bordeaux and Orthopus from Nantes. Its 30 kg, 123 cm humanoid is designed to assist medical or catering staff in moving objects thanks to a system of linked handles. “This, recognizable by a robot that can grab onto it, can be attached to a cart, a food tray, a basket…” explains Jérôme Monceau.

Miroka recognizes all obstacles and easily bypasses them, because he moves on a ball that rolls in all directions! Pending production in 2025, several hundred prototypes will be deployed to hospitals and restaurants. The target price is 30,000 euros in addition to the subscription. Paris-based Enchanted Tools has already raised €17 million from angel investors and Bpifrance, but must continue its fundraising campaign to raise the €120 million needed for the project.


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