Hitman 3 details his Season of Greed

After announcing last month the 2021 roadmap of Hitman III organized around the “Seven Deadly Sins”, IO Interactive gave this Thursday more details on the first of the Seven Seasons of Sin, that of Avarice started since March 30. With a usual video presentation and a full description on its official website, the studio unveiled the various new features that await players until early May.

The main course, announced two weeks ago and arriving last week, is none other than the first chapter of paid content inspired by the “Seven Deadly Sins”. In this three-level Escalation mission that brings 47 back to the Burj Al Ghazali in Dubai, players will be able to accumulate riches and thus earn exclusive rewards.

If the seasonal division is presented in a new form, the content outside this paid extension remains in line with what the title has offered since its release.
Thus, two Fugitive Targets will be on the program: the Collector will be hiding in Carlisle Manor on Dartmoor from April 9 to 19, and the Politician will be found in Hawke’s Bay from April 23 to May 9.. And from April 29, 47 will be able to take personal revenge on the streets of Chongqing in the Escalation mission called “The Jinzhen Incident”.
New challenges will be available in Partner Contracts, located in Dubai and Dartmoor for those created with the Two Angry Gamers Youtube channel, and in Berlin, Chongqing and Mendoza for those brought by the Achievement Hunter team.

At the same time, the Easter event is drawing to a close as the egg hunt organized in Berlin will end on Monday, April 12. The “Season of Avarice” will end on May 9, and will be immediately followed the next day by a major new game update.. This will probably bring its share of improvements while opening a new “Season of Sin” whose central theme is not yet known but should be revealed by the end of the month.

As a reminder, the DLC ofHitman III are available for purchase from the Microsoft Store and the Xbox Store. Players can choose to acquire the “Season of Greed” for € 4.99 or the complete collection of “Seven Deadly Sins” for € 29.99, which makes it possible to obtain at once the existing chapter and all the following ones.

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