Hitman 3: Freelancer mode will take longer than expected

IO Interactive’s rogue-lite mode will not be released in the spring, as announced, a new roadmap for May has been revealed.

Announced in the spring as part of Season 2 of Hitman III, the rogue-lite Freelancer mode, which represents one of the biggest expectations this year, has been pushed back by IO Interactive to the second half of 2022, be it on PC, PS4, PS5. , Xbox One or Xbox Series.

The stated goal is, of course, to allow the end result to live up to expectations. The first feedback from the community has indeed not always been very good, so various adjustments are needed.

As a reminder, this game mode will allow you to customize Agent 47’s hideout to your liking. From this headquarters it will be possible to refuel and properly prepare your equipment, for example, for training at the shooting range. You can then proceed with the Bald Assassin missions around the world with randomly generated targets and NPCs.

Therefore, a new roadmap follows, in which, in particular, April content is moved to May 24, as well as new fugitive objectives, including the Iconoclast, from May 27 to June 6. The next map of Ambrose Island is expected in July.


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