Hobbies – Series, video games, music, comics, movies: “cultural” selection of the editors

Wanna have some fun? The editorial journalists have chosen for you “cultural” products that excited them.

planet series

Kaleidoscope. Deal of the century (7 billion dollars) the robbers have been preparing for twenty-four years. So far nothing new. La Casa de Papel, or even the films Ocean’s Eleven (and its sequels), The Man Inside, and the meandering Lucky Logan, have already touched on this topic. Where the series (Netflix photo) streaming on Netflix is ​​innovative is in the format. Because the eight episodes, each with a color name, can be watched in any order. After the noir prelude, each viewer chooses and becomes the editor of the series. What is so individual. A total of 40,320 viewing combinations are possible. If the authors suggest starting with yellow, here are other suggestions: in the chronological order recommended by Stephen King (Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Red, Pink), in Netflix’s default order (Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange , Purple, Red, Pink, White), Tarantino Style (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, White, Red) or Orange – New Black Version (Green, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, White , pink). Of course, temporality is the easiest to follow. But looking out of order helps bring the experience to life. What does the series need to erase its flaws (the script already seen, the lack of depth of some characters…).

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