Hogwarts Legacy: the quest is already infuriating fans

The Hogwarts Legacy continues to be talked about for good or ill. But today we are more on the side of tension.

The long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy seems to be captivating the crowd, it must be admitted that the Harry Potter universe is a real steamroller in terms of fan base, despite the allegations against its author J.K. Rowling. And when the game is eagerly awaited, everything is subject to tension. So, we can find out that the recent news has seriously annoyed the fans. Explanations.

Legacy of Hogwarts, an exclusive quest that does not pass

If there’s one thing that gamers don’t like, it’s console-exclusive content, in this case the PlayStation. After all, the community of Hogwarts Legacy players on Sony consoles will receive exclusive content in the form of a special quest.

Some fans, including this Reddit user known as awais142, are wondering why PlayStation owners will get exclusive content for Hogwarts Legacy called “The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop”, which includes a dungeon, shop, and cosmetic items. Content that also seems to willingly veer toward horror, as evidenced by this first image on the subject that many people might like.

An exclusive quest announcement with great fanfare.

Said exclusive content will eventually appear on other platforms one year after the release of Hogwarts Legacy. Long wait for the release of the video game. And above all good luck, avoid spoilers and don’t spoil the surprise.

For many players, exclusives will eventually remain a confusing phenomenon that adds another argument to the Console Wars and, above all, adds an extra grain of sand to the agreement between all players. Indeed, it is difficult to make peace with your neighbor when he is more prosperous than you.

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