Hokko Life Announces Coming Soon to Xbox – Persistent Worlds

Hokko Life appeared on Steam in early June last year as early access and in just a few weeks managed to captivate everyone who decided to immerse themselves in the world created by Wonderscope Games.

Although it was originally planned to be released only on the Valve platform, Team 17 has a nice surprise in store for us this afternoon. According to the renowned publisher, Wonderscope will finally be available at launch on the vast majority of systems, including Xbox One.

Hokko Life will be released on Xbox One on September 27th.

As Team 17 and Wonderscope Games recently announced, the definitive version of Hokko Life will be available from September 27th and best of all, it will be available simultaneously on all platforms.

Hokko Life is a community simulation game full of creativity.
Get off the train in Hokko Village and settle into your new home!
This sleepy village needs your help to transform into a charming country town that everyone will love. With a hammer in one hand and paints in the other, it’s up to you to design, build and decorate houses for all your new friends!

Stay tuned for Xbox Generation news on the upcoming release of Hokko Life.

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