Holidays: According to a study, one in five people steals from hotels

Reno Gallo

Discover the list of the most stolen accessories in hotel rooms this summer. You will be surprised…

“Sweeper, stop swiping! “, Dora the traveler in the cartoon of the same name said cheerfully. During the summer, many people seem to amuse themselves by stealing various items and accessories from the hotels they stay in. In fact, in 2021 flight comparator Jetcost conducted a survey of French hotel habits by polling a group of 2,500 travelers.

More than 62% of travelers admit to having stolen an item from a hotel at least once in their lives. But what accessories are most often stolen? First, there are personal care products, including presentation trays or baskets (74%), bathrobes and slippers (28%), kettles (16%) and bath towels (15%).

Even more surprisingly, the paintings also often disappear from the bedrooms. 11% of respondents admitted that they had already stolen jewelry. Travelers also admit to taking sheets (7%), remote controls (5%) and even curtains (3%) already. But you still need to have enough space in your suitcase to carry everything…

For their part, the Danes top the list of the most honest customers: 88% of them say they have never taken anything from a hotel room. They are followed by the Dutch (85%) and Norwegians (84%). On the other hand, 69% of Britons, 76% of Portuguese, 79% of Italians and 81% of Spaniards admit to walking away with accessories that don’t belong to them. We don’t know where the Belgians are in this ranking…

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