Hollow Knight: Silksong announces release on PS4 and PS5. Now everyone is happy…

And if not, when?

There are games that love to be desired. In this register, for example, it is very difficult not to remember Breath of the Wild 2. Because now called The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom, the Nintendo title won’t stop thinking for years that it’s finally going to announce its release date before finally turning down the invite. But even if he finally made him a meeting with the players, why shouldn’t the Hollow Knight do the same with Silk Song? Well, just because he’s obviously from Silk Singing…

Indeed, since its first whisper of Hollow Knight: Silksong hasn’t stopped speculating that it’s finally going to announce a release date. Last event? The summer fair period when Team Cherry’s title took advantage of a Microsoft conference to announce that it would be released on the first day on Xbox Game Pass… without specifying when… Boiling the community of Metroidvania gamers, Silksong is playing with nerves.

And on this beautiful morning, know that this standalone promise to bring Hornet to fruition, originally planned as DLC that ended up being too monstrous to be, will not change strategy.

Because on the edgeinformative press release on twitter account from game consoleHollow Knight: Silksong announces with a smile that it will also delight PS4 and PS5 players who have avoided press releases and announcements so far.

Now only the details are missing… RELEASE DATES! A date we can just expect to June 2023 as Microsoft has announced that all games showcased at its conference will be released within the next 12 months. But the most impatient don’t care… They want to fix their expectations at some particular point. Let’s hope the game is as promising on D-Day as it’s supposed to be, as hopes are high for a sequel to what some consider to be the best Metroidvania has ever released.

So, as the headline says, everyone is happy or almost… Take heart, most impatient ones.

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