Home video entertainment market up 9.3%

The positive 2021 video market

According to CNC figures, the physical market lost 16 million euros in the first quarter of 2021 to 63 million euros and now only represents 13.8% of the home video market revenue. At the same time, the VOD market continued to grow in March, posting an increase of 16.2% to 391 million euros. The global market therefore gained 9.3% at the end of March to 454 million euros against 415 million euros at the end of March 2020. At this stage of the year, the impact of the confinement was only for 2 weeks in 2020. , we will therefore have to wait until the 2nd quarter to see if the 2021 market remains in a growth dynamic compared to 2020.

Streaming progresses

According to the CNC, the VOD market is still dominated by SVOD which represents 86.2% of revenue, or 337 million euros, up 25.6% compared to 2020. TVOD is down by 23.1% just like EST which fell by 17.7%, i.e. 16 million euros less than in 2020, or revenue of around 54 million euros. VOD suffered in March due to the lack of news due to the closure of theaters since the end of October 2020. The prospect of resumption of activity from May 19 should not reverse the trend of the second quarter since the media chronology will apply for all films that will pass through the cinema from that date, so we will have to wait until next October to see the VOD programming become attractive again.

Still unclear market outlines

This vision of the domestic market is incomplete insofar as it does not take into account the expenses linked to pay channels, whether they are offers of the myCanal type or even thematic channels. In addition, with the proliferation of new SVOD services in all areas, there is a great chance that these numbers are underestimated. We also note that Salto does not appear in the classification established by the CNC, which may seem surprising if we refer to Salto’s statements concerning its rate of growth.

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