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It must be assumed that Guerrilla Games is not going to stop only at the level of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and that the studio intends to bring Horizon Forbidden West to other media.

While players are still waiting to reveal potential DLC for the sequel to Aloy’s adventures, Guerrilla Games is focusing on merchandising and merchandise from its latest productions. Indeed, and after announcing the arrival of the Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack in various formats, the Killzone dads announce a partnership with clothing brand Asos. We explain it all to you.

So, on the brand’s website, various clothes in the colors of Horizon Forbidden West have just appeared. You will have the choice between t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies or sweatpants in different colors, from green to brown to white or blue. This collection is called Horizon Raw Materials, and the cost of various items will range from 32.99 to 49.99 euros.

For the most impatient, this new collection is already available in Japan, Asia, Europe and the UK, and will arrive in the US in early 2023. Craig Stewartart director Guerrilla, tells us more about this subject.

While Aloy’s playwear is designed primarily for protection and survival, our unique partnership with ASOS focuses on wearing comfort for our fans. This unisex collection of play and streetwear features an array of joggers, sweatshirts and shirts that look fantastic together or on their own.

You can recognize elements and other details right from Aloy’s look, our Horizon Graphic Novels, or our core VFX by looking at these amazing clothing pieces!

However, despite being very inspired by the game, we decided to bring this approach to streetwear fashion that can be both ultra-modern and exciting. Super-cool t-shirts and comfy joggers make for great outfits for long gaming sessions while you explore the Forbidden West (maybe in New Game+?).

That’s all, you know. So what do you think? Did this new collection seduce you? Tell us about GeekNPlay, facebook as well as Twitter.

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