Hors Normes raises 7 million euros to fight food waste

Hors Normes, a French tech start-up that fights food waste, has raised 7 million euros. The fundraiser, announced on July 7, 2022, was with its historic UK shareholder Stride VC as well as the German fund Project A. “This second round of funding marks the start of a new phase in Hors Normes’ expansion,” states Sven Ripoche. , co-founder of Hors Normes, in a press release.

7000 regular customers

The startup, founded in April 2020, offers a slightly different delivery service for organic fruits, vegetables, and groceries. Hors Normes stocks products that manufacturers are unwilling or unable to sell and sells them to consumers at low prices. The startup talks about “an economic relationship that benefits both producers and consumers.” This proportion of defective products corresponds to an average of 5% of stocks.

Model seduces as Hors Normes claims 7,000 repeat customers. The company claims to have saved 400 tons of fruits and vegetables since its launch. Currently, Hors Normes offers about thirty items, but plans to expand its range to 500 items by the end of 2023. The startup then wants to integrate fresh products. To continue to attract a growing number of customers and through fundraising, Hors Normes will develop new features and focus on personalizing shopping carts. The mobile application should be released by the end of summer.

Hors Normes, which has grown from 5 to 25 employees in the last 12 months, intends to hire 40 employees by the end of the year. Now present in a total of 125 cities – Paris and nearby cities, Lyon and Marseille – the young company wants to continue its development in France by launching its services in 5 new cities by the end of 2023. This may apply to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille. and Nantes. Young cadres are also preparing for deployment in Europe, exploring cities in Germany, Spain and Italy.

Influential startups

Hors Normes is on par with so-called impact startups like Phenix and Too good to go. The former has made a name for itself through its historic work of facilitating food donations through its platform that connects professionals (supermarkets, growers and growers) with charities. Too good to go lists trash cans whose contents are not necessarily detailed and which are being offered at very low prices by vendors because their expiration date is approaching.

These models are attractive because proper nutrition, local food or even the fight against food waste are topics that are gaining momentum. More broadly, the topic of ecological transition is gaining in importance. To promote these issues and highlight startups in the sector, the Green20 program has also been implemented following the French labels Tech 120 Next 40. A way to make startups that sometimes struggle to find a viable business model more visible.

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