House Flipper developers call the Game Pass team “the best of the best”

House Flipper caught on quickly when it joined Game Pass when it was released in June. Developed by studio Frozen District, tens of thousands of players have tried the relaxing home renovation experience. The TrueAchievements teams were able to contact the developers and get their feedback on this startup.

Asked about the success of the add-on to Microsoft’s subscription game program, Patrik “Rumian” Przybyla, the studio’s social media manager, said he was very pleased with the response from gamers.

Many new people want to talk and share their experiences, which is great. We are happy that we were able to do it!

When it comes to porting to Game Pass from Xbox Teams, the experience is similar, but even more so.

It was surprisingly good! The video game industry tends to be a bit unpredictable and it’s usually pretty hard to do something the first time because you really don’t know what to expect. In this case, the Microsoft team has made it easy to understand. They are the best of the best!

Testimony that joins the testimonies of other studios and developers about the contribution of the service. With this ultimate test, Frozen District feels ready to iterate for future games. A success that seems to have found its audience. At least that’s how the recent surge of players into another game in this genre, PowerWash Simulator, shows. Przybyla explains this by the anti-stress effect of these productions.

Most simulation games are excellent stress relievers.[…] Do you know how all those YouTube carpet cleaning videos went viral? I feel like it works exactly the same!

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