Household appliances Black Friday: up to -35% on kitchen robots! Latest Offers

BLACK FRIDAY TECHNIQUE. This Monday, November 28th is the last day to take advantage of Black Friday deals on home appliances, and promotions from -25 to -40% are available for small and large appliances.


Home Appliances still have a promotion a few hours before the end of Black Friday this Monday, November 28, 2022 Large home appliances still have great promotions that save hundreds of euros on large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines 30% off some models. The best deals focus mostly on small appliances, which sometimes sell for as much as larger appliances, especially food processors. This equipment, which is in great demand among consumers, is sold at a discount of up to 35%, for example, the Companion XL robot from Moulinex for 469 euros or its big brother XL Touch for 899 euros. Other devices have become more affordable after discounts, such as the ClickChef or Cookeo+ stove for 199 euros. These robots are joined by other kitchen appliances, also on sale, in particular, deep fryers or KitchenAid’s indispensable pastry robots.

Not only do kitchen supplies sell out on Black Friday, many other useful laundry, household or personal care items are on sale at a lower price. Steam irons, hairdressing or hair removal devices, electric toothbrushes and many other products show significant sales during the promotion period. And the prices are no stranger to it, with some products being sold at or close to 50% off.

Black Friday is often a time when consumers dabble in expensive appliances, and refrigerators are among the most sought-after items. Whether it’s a combo with one door or an American one with two doors and all the gadgets, there are a lot of models of refrigerators that are sold on Black Friday. As well as dishwashers and washing machines, which are also included in the ranking of the best-selling large household appliances. This year, you should again keep an eye on this gear so you don’t miss out on a rare gem.

American refrigerator Proline PSBS946SL

American refrigerator Proline PSBS946SL

Refrigerator Smeg FC20XDNE with bottom freezer

Combined refrigerator Smeg FC20XDNE

New from €699.00


BUILT-IN Dishwasher Electrolux - EEQ47300L 60CM

Built-in dishwasher Electrolux EEQ47300L

Washing machine in the porthole SAMSUNG WW11BGA046AE

samsung washing machine in the window

New from €499.00

Upper part of the washing machine WHIRLPOOL TDLR6245FR/N

Whirlpool TDLR6245FR/N top washing machine

The vacuum cleaner is one of the staples of the house that you can’t miss during Black Friday. From connected robots that do housework on their own to cordless broom vacuum cleaners, all device lines offer compelling promotions. Check out our article on great deals on vacuum cleaners in 2022.

While Black Friday fans flock to high-tech smartphones and accessories, small appliances are also in high demand from consumers, especially when prices are down. Food processors, beauty and hygiene appliances and other gadgets are subject to exemption proposals.

What are some good deals on kitchen appliances and robots?

To cook delicious homemade food, having good equipment is an advantage: multifunctional food processor, stove, pastry chef, mini oven… The choice is huge and the prices are very attractive during Black Friday. Take a look at pastry robots, Lidl’s SilverCrest brand also offers a robot at a more affordable price of 129 €. Sales of other devices, such as coffee machines, are successful during commercial operation.

Food processor Moulinex Hf807e10 Companion XL

Food processor Moulinex Companion XL

New from 489.98 euros Used from 400.00 euros

  • €539.00€512.05See
  • €1129.00€587.82See
  • €489.98€400.00See
KitchenAid Robot Craft Kit + Grater

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Craftsman Robot Kit + Grater

Food processor Moulinex Click & Cook HF506110

Food processor Moulinex HF506110

Reishunger rice cooker and steamer with ceramic coating - For 1-6 people - Quick preparation without cooking - Keep warm function with steamer basket, spoon and measuring cup

Reishunger rice cooker and steamer

Cookeo + 150 recipes CE851910

Moulinex Cookeo+ CE851910 multicooker robot with 150 pre-programmed recipes

New from €189.00

  • €269.99€189.00See
  • €269.99€189.00See
  • €269.69€199.69See
  • €269.99€199.99See
Beer pump Krups VB700800 BEERTENDER

Beer dispenser Krups Beertender

New from 219.99 euros Used from 173.79 euros

  • €289.99€219.99See
  • €289.99€173.79See
  • €289.78€180.00See

Black Friday deals on coffee machines are also very plentiful, so much so that it can be difficult to separate the good deals from the less attractive discounts. To find the best deals, rely on our selection of products in this dedicated article.

Where can I find great deals on small laundry appliances?

Iron, steam generator or garment steamer, Black Friday is the time to find the right solution for you at great prices. From the ultimate steam station when the ironing pile overflows, to the steamer that’s easy to take anywhere and handy for extra maintenance, there’s something to satisfy all consumers.

Iron with steam generator GV9555C0 PRO EXPRESS ULTIMATE

Steam Station Calor Pro Express Ulitmate

New from €198.99

  • €299.99€198.99See
Clothes steamer Russell Hobbs 28041-56 1800 W 0.2 l brown

Clothes steamer Russell Hobbs

basketball shoe cleaner

Philips basketball cleaner

New from €17.99

What are the promotions for small household appliances?

The Black Friday period is when rain and low temperatures make indoor air more humid. During this time, it is sometimes necessary to purchase a dehumidifier and/or air purifier to clean the air in your home (more polluted than the air outside).

PHILIPS AC0820/10 Air purifier

Philips Air Purifier Series 800

New from 84.99 euros Used from 79.04 euros

  • €148.09€84.99See
  • €148.09€79.04See
Klarstein Drybest 2000 2G Air Dryer Ionizer 700 ml / d 70 W - Gray

Klarstein Drybest 2000 2G Air dryer with ionizer

New from €64.99

  • €134.99€81.99See

What does it suggest to remember about cosmetics?

The Black Friday period is the perfect time to treat yourself and invest in a new straightener, hair dryer, or even an epilator or electric trimmer. There are many offers in this sector and above all they are welcome given the regular price of hygiene devices, so you can also take advantage of this unprecedented commercial operation.

Babyliss Curl Secret C1300E

Automatic curling iron BaByliss Curl Secret

New from 57.50 euros Used from 55.00 euros


GHD Styler Gold Straightener

New from 142.99 euros Used from 130.00 euros

  • €158.49€142.99See
  • €219.00€145.00See
  • €219.00€164.25See
  • €153.30€130.00See
Remington Professional Hair Dryer [Soin nourrissant à la noix de coco] Advanced Coconut Therapy (2300W, built-in sensor, AC motor, anti-frizz, shine and softness) AC8648 [Exclu Amazon]

Remington Professional Hair Dryer

Revlon One Step Mint Green Styling Brush

Hair dryer to give volume Revlon.

New from €39.99

My Beauty Routine Radiance Cleansing Brush

Rowenta face and body cleansing brush

New from €58.99

  • €119.89€69.89See
  • €129.99€114.49See

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are very popular and provide better oral hygiene, the price of these devices is a major barrier for consumers. On Black Friday, the leading brands Oral-B and Philips are on sale at discounted prices. Electric toothbrushes are consistently among the top-selling products.

Oral-B Genius X 20000N - Toothbrush - white

Oral-B Genius X Toothbrush

New from €149.99

  • €299.00€149.99See
  • €188.22€180.69See

Electric epilator, trimmer or electric razor

The same observation for razors and other electrical hair removal devices, if they are effective, they are also very expensive. During Black Friday, many models of razors and epilators, both for men and women, are sold at a discount, and sometimes at half price.


Universal electric trimmer Braun 7

Shaver Braun Series 9 Pro 9417s

Shaver Braun Series 9 Pro

BRAUN PL5140 pulsed light epilator

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 pulsed light epilator

New from €279.99

  • €407.02€279.99See
Braun Silk-épil 9 electric epilator for women, shaving head and trimmer white/rose gold, Micro-Grip tweezer technology, high-frequency massage head, wet and dry, 9-720

Braun Silk-épil 9 electric epilator

Black Friday is an opportunity not to be missed when you want to gear up at a lower price, you still need to find the best deals and there is only one solution for that: explore the market. Find good plans for Black Friday 2022 on this page, as well as the best products of the year if affected by Black Friday discounts. You can also sign up for our great deals notifications by filling out the form at the top of this article so you don’t miss anything!

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