Housemarque is looking for an automatic backup return solution, but it is not easy

Autosave has been a hot topic of conversation among Returnal players since its launch last month. Housemarque’s roguelite is excellent, but it is also very difficult and the races can last over two hours. It takes a long time to anchor yourself to your PS5. Housemarque says he heard the comments from fans, but implementing a save feature is easier said than done. “We understand that there are some systems that are currently causing annoyance,” Housemarque Marketing Director Mikael Havari told Axios today.

Havari’s comments stifle hopes for a solution that allows players to quit without fear of losing their progress. While other roguelites like Hades include a quick save solution that retains the tension of permanent death, it’s clearly not that easy to implement such a feature in Returnal.Other developers have sounded out about this problem. “I often see players exclaiming how easy it is to add something, especially if other games have it,” Spelunky designer Derek Yu said. Vice Games last week, “but every team and every game has different priorities and nothing is as trivial as it seems from the outside. ”

As one of the first so-called “AAA roguelites,” Returnal stands out with its stunning graphics, arcade mechanics, and storytelling features. While their progression revolves around discrete “rooms,” they tend to flow more fluidly than in other roguelites, where you go through a door to enter the next room. This is partly because Roguelite aims to highlight the lack of load times on the PS5. (

Still, as difficult as it may be, Havari says Housemarque is looking for a solution. “But these days we just don’t know what it is. So it’s very difficult to advertise something, because I think there are a lot of different people looking for different things. ”

It looks like you’ll need to keep your PS5 in sleep mode a bit longer. If you’re impatient, here’s some info on Returnal’s main ending and its real ending. You can also read our return notice here.

Returnal is now available on PS5.

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