How a hacker stole all his fortune from the creator of Bitcoin –

One of the main developers of Bitcoin, Luke Dashjr, has just announced that all of his cryptocurrency has been stolen by a hacker. In total, more than 200 BTC were stolen, which is equivalent to more than $3 million. However, some experts doubt the veracity of the facts…

Many people fall victim to scammers while trying to invest in cryptocurrencies. And for good reason: hackers are redoubling their ingenuity to get their hands on these precious digital assets. Phishing, ransomware, and brute-force attacks are some of the methods criminals use to steal from their victims.

Unfortunately, even the creators of cryptocurrencies are not immune from such thefts. One of the first bitcoin developers, Luke Dasjer, just announced that hundreds of BTC were stolen from him in late 2022 from his various accounts.

Having been working on the Bitcoin project for the past twelve years, this person tweeted about it on January 1, 2022. Although Dashjr expressed his disappointment, Dashjr did not immediately reveal how his fortune had evaporated.

After successfully accessing his bitcoin stash, the hacker transferred the money to another crypto wallet. Currently, the stolen funds are still stored in the wallet, which contains a total of 216.93 BTC. Equivalent to $3.6 million at current price.

According to Dashjr, the cybercriminal managed to obtain his PGP key. Recall that PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is a popular security program designed to protect Internet users through encryption. The perpetrator was then able to access his “hot wallet” containing BTC.

Real Hacking or Tax Evasion 2.0?

Many Twitter users expressed sympathy for the developer, but some question his statement. For many, such an event seems impossible. A simple PGP key could theoretically not allow access to a crypto wallet…

When asked by the user for more details in order to prevent others from suffering the same fate, Dashjr replied that he “has no idea” how this incident could have happened. In response to a question from another user how the loss of the PGP key could lead to the loss of bitcoins, he stated that “everything is compromised.” We can conclude that the hacker took other personal information.

However, some simply refuse to believe this story. The user says, “I don’t believe in this. Do you all have at least the basics of cyber security and want people to believe that you are holding over 200 BTC in a hot wallet? “.

Several people also pointed out that tax season is approaching in the United States. In their eyes, this whole affair was just a ploy by Luke Dashjr to avoid paying taxes on his fortune. A cynical mind might as well imagine an insurance scam to double down…

Be that as it may, there is no concrete evidence to accuse Dashjr of such a stunt. Like countless crypto investors, a developer might just as well fall prey to increasingly formidable hackers for whom the crypto industry is a goldmine…

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