How Crédit du Nord is developing a service universe model mind Fintech

At the end of 2018, Crédit du Nord announced the implementation of the “Banking as a platform” strategy.We have identified 23 service sets that correspond to a banking offering or non-banking services that we want to expand, then explained Gerald Manzanares, Director of Marketing and Innovation, keep in mind fintechIn each segment, we will offer services from our selected partners to retain our customers and encourage them to regularly use our application. (…) In the first half of 2019, we will publish an updated online platform highlighting our service universes and related partners. ” Two and a half years later, what about the adopted strategy?

Eight service universes deployed

Of the 23 service universes initially identified by Crédit du Nord, eight have been deployed. “We chose to select a limited number of universes that seemed most relevant to our clients, and carefully work them out in order to offer a wide range of partners for each, explains Ludovic Van de Voorde, the group’s retail director. Perhaps we will expand later by adding a few more universes. ”

Eight universes: simplify my daily life, create and develop my financial assets, simplify my life as an entrepreneur, create real estate assets, develop your international business, pay and collect money securely, protect my family, my property and my business, and finally .. finance the growth of my activities.

Showcase site and mobile app

Crédit du Nord has decided to present the services on its online platforms. First, on its showcase site. Then about its application. “We’ve also placed a My Universes My Needs button in the app to make the offer available to customers and potential customers …

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