How did CBD become an internet star?

There is one plant in particular that is taking up more and more space on social media. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a psychotropic-free substance derived from cannabis that is freely available in Belgium and worldwide! It has become a real phenomenon, everyone is talking about it on the Internet! Why is CBD mesmerizing? Internet show explains.

For some time now, a new branch of influencers has been explaining on their networks how one can opt out of the CBD plant in a whole range of forms: oils, herbal teas, cakes, cooking recipes, etc. In short, everyone is talking about it on the Internet and it is so hyped that there are even those who explain how to grow it!

Indeed, some YouTube channels give advice on how to properly grow CBD: different types of seeds, light cycle, harvesting, flowering, planting tips… Absolutely all instructions for use are available on video. , from the very beginning from the growing process to the tasting, everything is ready to make you a die-hard CBD fan!

But the popularity of this plant is also due to its many advantages, according to those who talk about it on the networks. CBD has a reputation for having anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. Several studies have also been done on this subject, and the results are clear: the plant will indeed help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

While studies prove the benefits of CBD, there is little or no clinical evidence to support them. Either way, believe it or not, it makes beautiful plants at home!

Find the video clip below and replay the show here! The internet show takes place every Thursday afternoon at Typica and Auvio.

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