How do I use my Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S as a wireless display? – Discussed

You can use your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles for more than just gaming. But if you’re a gamer, you may have overlooked the Premiere TV and other multimedia features.

Fortunately, if Microsoft returned to the multimedia direction of the Xbox One, which greatly divided gamers, it still created an application that allows you to use the Xbox console as an external screen. So if you want to enjoy media from other devices on your TV screen, you can do it with Xbox.

But what is this app and how do you turn your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S into a wireless external display? We will find out.

What is the Microsoft Wireless Display app for Xbox One and Series X|S?

To use your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S as an external wireless display, you first need to make sure you have the official Wireless Display app available from the Xbox Store. This app allows you to send images, videos, or media directly from an external device to the unit your Xbox is connected to.

For example, if you downloaded media to a non-Xbox device and its storage, you can use the Wireless Display app to stream your installed media and enjoy it on your Xbox and home screen. More interestingly, if you have games installed on your PC or other devices, you can transfer them to your Xbox and even use your Xbox controller to play those games.

With this application, you can transfer any game to your Xbox and enjoy it, even if it’s not necessarily an Xbox game. So you can use your Xbox hardware and controllers to enjoy the game.

Another solution is to use the more versatile ways to stream from your smartphone to your Xbox console, but you will lose the compatibility of the Xbox hardware and accessories offered by the Wireless Display app. However, your devices still need to be compatible with the Wireless Display app.

What devices does the Xbox One and Series X|S Wireless Display app support?

Before you learn how to use the Wireless Display app for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, make sure your external devices are compatible.

Unfortunately, only Windows or Android devices are compatible with the Xbox Wireless Display app. This is mainly due to the fact that the application uses streaming systems supported by Windows and Android, but is not compatible with Apple AirPlay technology.

A photo of an Android phone with the Google logo.

While this is a limitation, you can still use Xbox Cloud Gaming on Windows, Android, and Apple devices, which at least allows you to stream supported Xbox games to your Apple devices.

However, the Wireless Display app is still the easiest way to stream external devices to your Xbox and is officially supported by Microsoft if you’re using Windows or Android devices.

Now that you know what the Wireless Display app for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S is and which devices are compatible with it, you’re ready to use this app and turn your Xbox into a wireless display.

To turn your Xbox into a wireless display, you must first ensure that the Wireless Display app, available from the Microsoft Store or the Xbox Store, is installed on your Xbox. Then do the following:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu.
  • Select “My Games & Apps” and then “View All”.
  • Scroll to apps and select the Wireless Display option.
    Screenshot of the Xbox Series X Apps Menu with the Wireless Display app highlighted.
  • Make sure the Wireless Display app is open and running on Xbox One or Series X|S.
    Screenshot of the default Xbox Wireless Display app home screen.
  • You can now switch to an external Android or Windows device and connect or stream to Xbox One or Series X|S.
    Screenshot of the Connect option available on Windows devices with Xbox dedicated.
  • However, please note that due to differences between Windows and Android devices, Xbox sign-in options are different. Cast or Connect may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of your device. For example, Samsung uses Smart View, while other Android manufacturers simply refer to this feature as Cast.

    But if the Wireless Display app is open on your Xbox and the external Android or Windows device is set to stream to your Xbox, the devices will connect and your Xbox will display the media you want. And if you want to customize the controller input, just press the Menu and View buttons to open the Wireless Display app. Gamepad configuration.

    Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles allow you to stream content and games from other compatible devices, and even use a managed Xbox to play supported games while streaming, expanding your Xbox experience.

    With support for streaming games, content via Twitch, or even chatting via Discord, Xbox offers plenty of options for enjoying all forms of content and services on its platform.

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