How industrial robotics is reinventing itself to gain flexibility

Concentrated, the robotic arm assembles gears, which it recognizes within a motor. Finished his task, he calls a colleague, also mounted on wheels, to seize the heavy part and go to store it safely. At the moment, the scene only exists in synthetic images. But that is how the CEA List has chosen to illustrate Companion Robot, a research project dedicated to the construction of a robot “capable of interacting with its environment autonomously and adapting to it on the fly”, summarizes Alexandre Bounouh.

The director of the CEA List vigorously opposes the idea of ​​a mature and not very innovative sector. “Interactive and intelligent robotics for industry is one of our priority programs,” he says. Our goal is to overcome the barriers to entry that weigh on users, many of whom cannot imagine themselves capable of handling a robot. »An immense ambition… and shared.


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