How many pumpkins does it take to maximize breathing in Project Slayers

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In the Roblox Project Slayers game, players can use pumpkins to train their breathing, improve their attack skills, and give them points for their breathing progress. There are pumpkins of different sizes that you can use to progress to progress faster than others.

In order to achieve maximum breath, you will need to use the following amount of gourd:

  • 7 small pumpkins
  • 7 medium pumpkins
  • 13 large pumpkins

What pumpkins are needed for proper breathing in Project Slayers

small pumpkin

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Small pumpkins are the lowest quality and cost 200 WEN. They grant three breath progression points and are immediately available in the game. To unlock the Medium Pumpkin, you need to use the Small Pumpkin seven times.

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medium pumpkin

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Medium flasks cost 450 WEN and give 10 breath progress. Although medium pumpkins are better than small ones, they are still not as healthy as large ones. To unlock the Big Calabash, you need to use the Medium Calabash seven times.

big pumpkin

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Large flasks cost 700 WEN and offer a better price of 36 breath progression points. Once you unlock the Great Pumpkin, there will be no reason for players to choose lower pumpkins, unless they are weak in WEN.

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