How much does a PlayStation 5 cost?

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What is the price of the PlayStation 5 in Belgium?

The PlayStation 5 is sold in two versions. Standard version for 499.99 euros and digital version for 399 euros. Difference between two PlayStation? The PlayStation Digital Edition does not have a disc drive and games can be downloaded. This is in theory, because in practice, the lack of consoles and the great difficulty for gamers to get a copy of them inevitably lead to higher prices. It’s not uncommon for a PS5 to be jacked up from €200 to €250 by independent sellers who know full well they’ll find a buyer anyway. The cost of some consoles even doubled. Behind the maneuver are scalpers who raid the scarce stocks available through bots and computer programs. They close transactions in 2 seconds and much faster than any person behind the screen desperately trying to save their shopping cart.

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How to buy a PlayStation 5 and not fall for the bait?

If you’re buying a PlayStation 5 directly from Amazon, Coolblue, MediaMarkt, or Fnac, you’re sure to pay the right price. However, be careful because some of these e-commerce platforms also display partner sellers. This explains why even on the Fnac or Cdiscount website you will find consoles for 1000 €. Problem: Restocking on these sites has been taken by storm and it’s still very hard to get a console that way. Do you still want to try your luck? Pre-fill your banking and personal details on all merchant sites, you will check your shopping cart faster. We regularly share PS5 related promotions, stay tuned and above all follow our daily tips.

Another trick to be sure and sure is to pay the PlayStation 5 at the price Sony wants and… go straight through Sony. The Japanese manufacturer is organizing private sales by invitation to cater to increasingly frustrated gamers and sidestep scalpers. There is no guarantee that you will purchase the console, but if you are attracted and invited to the sale, you will definitely pay a fair price. Hoping that with the shortage of microwires, the rise in price of chips and the fall in production, the price of new generation consoles will not make a leap forward.

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