How Societe Generale explores the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain

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In the program this Friday in the program “21 million, your crypto-coach”:

1 – Interview with Jean-Marc Stenger, CEO of Societe Generale – Forge

A patron of Forge, the blockchain and cryptoasset division of the French banking giant, since 2018, Jean-Marc Stenger details the missions and experiments the startup, born from the group’s in-house program, is working on. Specifically, he explains how Forge offers its institutional clients the ability to issue and manage digital financial instruments called “security tokens” on public blockchains like Ethereum and the benefits of this solution.

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The leader also discusses Forge’s experiments with central bank digital currencies, and more broadly the relationship between traditional banks and the crypto ecosystem.

2 – What to remember in a week

We have selected and compared the main events of the last seven days. Be at the forefront of crypto news by saving the essentials.

Price analysis

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what was in this Tuesday’s newsletter: “21 Million Price Analysis”:

1. Interview with Grigory Volokhin, Chairman of the Board of Meeschaert Financial Services

Grigory Volokhin, head of alternative and multi-strategic assets at Meeschaert Financial Services, discusses the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, which is still highly correlated with traditional stock exchanges and raises the same investor concerns in the face of monetary tightening by banks. power stations. Late last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s insulting speech against inflation heightened concerns about a combination of recession and high interest rates.

2. Technical analysis by Nicolas Gallant

Financial journalist and technical analyst at Capital Nicolas Gallant gives you his analysis of the second cryptocurrency on the market in terms of capitalization: Ethereum, issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

3. Focus of the week

Laurent Albi, manager of Next Momentum and member of the French Association of Technical Analysts (Afate), offers you a breakdown of the price of a cryptocurrency to assess its upside potential. This week he is interested in the Flux token, a project launched in 2018 called Zelcash.

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