How to change my nickname in Fortnite? Our guide

News tip How to change my nickname in Fortnite? Our guide

Are you tired of your nickname or just want to change it, even temporarily? Well, the good news is that Epic Games has it covered and we’ll show you how to quickly change your nickname on Fortnite!

It’s unlimited and free!

The first thing to know, is that you can change your pseudonym on Fortnite for free at will! Indeed, there is no question of finding a system offering you to pay for it, or of offering you some free changes before proceeding to checkout.

However, to prevent everyone changing their nicknames too often, Epic Games has still put a limit on the change of nickname. Indeed, you will only be able to do it every 15 days ! So be sure to be a minimum sure of your choice!

Now that we have seen that changing your nickname was possible and even unlimited, it is time to take a look at how to go about it. The first thing will be to go to the official Fortnite website. There, log in with your credentials.

Then go to your account and next to your current nickname you will see a blue button with a pencil. Click on it, enter your new username, validate twice and once you log into Fortnite, you will see your new nickname displayed.

How to change my nickname in Fortnite? Our guide

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