How to change the voice on a Xiaomi mobile without installing anything

Play with your voice, even turning yourself into a cartoon, with this simple MIUI trick that allows you to change your voice without installing anything. Then you can do it.

MIUI is a customization layer known for having many features that enhance the user experience. One of them is the possibility of changing your voice with various effects without having to install anything on your Xiaomi mobile. This feature is hidden, so in this article we explain how to find it easily with a few simple steps.

There are many MIUI 12 tips that not many people know about, so we encourage you to check them out, as it also means discovering features that can be very useful at times. Other functions are not very useful, but they are just as interesting, such as the one that allows you to change the sound of the camera. Without a doubt, we recommend that you analyze every last section of the phone, because even that could hide a Xiaomi trick.

Step by step, therefore, you can change the voice on a Xiaomi without installing anything.

How to change the voice on a Xiaomi mobile without installing anything

The trick that we explain in this article may not be of much use, but it will make it easier for you to have fun with your family and friends. It’s always fun to change your voice and see how it would look with other effects, like you were a robot or a cartoon like Mickey Mouse. Instead of having to download voice editing applications, if you have a Xiaomi mobile, you can edit your voice directly with a function built into the terminal.

Xiaomi did not want to make things easier for its users, so the voice editor is not in sight. Next, we explain the steps you must follow to find and use this useful function that allows you to change your voice with different effects without installing anything.

  • Go to Settings> Special Features> Game Turbo.
  • In Game Turbo, go to one of the games you have installed.
  • Swipe at the top left of the screen to open the Game Turbo toolbar.
  • Click on the top arrow to access more options.
  • In the new options, click on the function to change the voice, represented by the icon of a figure and some waves.
  • Choose the effect you want to apply and click the record button, for up to 10 seconds. Then you can have fun listening to the audio with your modified voice.
  • In this video made by the user Damayanti Chattopadhyay on YouTube it is clearly seen how is the process to access Game Turbo and from there to the voice changer function. As for the effects, you can choose from some like woman, girl, robot, man or cartoon. We recommend that you try each of them to find out how your voice changes.

    Without going any further, if you have turned on the microphone while playing the game, you can change the voices directly so that other players in the game can hear you with a different voice. At the moment, this feature is available in the Game Turbo 3.0 version and is only available to certain users.

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